Lars Zandor


May'Qep - 7 July 2019

June 30 2019

QalaghneS, fellow warriors!

Kahless demands another May'Qep!
This Sunday, 7 July at 18.00 UTC/14.00 EDT, join your battle-siblings as the House of Nagh'reD marches on to fight with honour!

This time we aim our rifles at the Vaadwaur in the trenches of Kobali Prime!

And because the Stonewall Pride Weekend is the following week, everyone who uses a purple or pink weapon has a higher chance to be selected for the randomly given out SWC's!

As always, KDF-aligned Romulan and Jem'Hadar characters are welcome to join the May'Qep as well!

So come gather those Delta Marks, Ancient Power Cells, and Iconian Probe Datacores!

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Kevin Lol


[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 30 2019
well which im proud of is in my puberty i took the wrong path with a disturbed mind I was seduced by drugs and with my disturbed mind I became my very own destruction.
more disturbed than i was at early 14 years the hell broke loose when i was 15 years old and heard that my father is a female.
from a simple joint around that age i was smoking too much and then i discovered the hard stuff and went from disturbed to completly mental.
Going waaaay too deep with this hard stuff and lost my mind around my 17th by a psychose and from a disturbed confused mind i turned into a paranoid anxious person and lived many years in terror of fear.
When i reached 18 i was legally free to have intercourse so i reached out with the next confused mode in my head --> Dad is a woman and how the heck does this gene affects me?(its smt personal not about genes)

Very confused i was seeking in what or who i am.
Trying bi curious met men and woman for sexual intercourse completly messed up in my head and not understanding whats all going on.
Went to many females behind a red light and searching confirmation with this confused mind of me.
It made me all more confused and now i know im straight as it can be. i allways liked female.

I paid the price to get a psychose when i was around 17 and till my 22nd year i still had many problems to solve.
but around 2012 I became homeless and thats which im very proud of.
Because from that moment I stood up and didnt let me affect the bad things that went in all my life that destructed my very own life and when i realized this i started to grow and reached a state of my mind which hold me stable to live a life where the past is past and the future is something to reach out to and achieve goals.

this is my short story and this what i am and who i am and how i reached it is whats making me proud in my life
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Kevin Van Eeten


[PRIDE10: WEEK 1] Rainbow Away-Team Screenshot Contest

June 30 2019
Yaaaaay, thanks for the fun event and congratulations to the winners!
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Ted Hembach


[PRIDE10: WEEK 1] Rainbow Away-Team Screenshot Contest

June 29 2019
Sorry, this was a busy week, but we now have our winners!

First we wanna say a big ThanQ to all participants, we had amazing colorful entries which are fun to watch.
Good work everybody. Because of this, we decided to add one more place to our winnerlist:

1st place: Tourma! You won 4 Stonewall Credits!
2nd place: Chipz! 3 Stonewall Credits for you!
3rd place: Michlo! You will get 2 Stonewall Credits!
4th place: Kierix! One more Stonewall Credit for you!

The Stonewall Credits are redeemable in our Stonewall Credits Store.
Please remember, all participants will get two Bridge-officers for their crew.

ThanQ all!

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[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 29 2019
I always am, and always will be proud and in love with every member of stonewall gaming network, whether it be as a friend or pseudo family member. You are all amazing in my eyes and it wouldn't be the same without you. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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Gareth GXV3


[PRIDE 10] Stonewall's 10th Annual Pride Weekend

June 28 2019

The "Disco Ball Wars" is a straight forward, Team Vs Team PvP battle.
We will gather everyone who wants to play this game.. 
and Put you into teams.

You will spawn with your team in your Disco camp on the map. 
The basic idea of this game is simple...
Take down the Enemy's Base as fast as you can!

You can do this by gathering Disco dust (A Virus) that has been made by your Teams computer.
Only one person can carry the dust at any time.. so if you see someone glowing with disco orbs popping out of them.. maybe you would like to defend them.

(You will find the computer that makes the Disco dust virus at your home camp)

Now that a player in your team has the Disco virus.. they need to make their way into the enemy base to deposit the virus...
but wait...
The enemy base will be heavily fortified with turrets and other mines to try and take you down
 ( your camp will too for the opposing team)
So you may need to deal with them first.
If your a sneaky team.. you will perhaps lay down some turrets of your own from your kits?? Make it harder for the opposing team to download the virus into your camp.

(Deposit the Disco dust at a console that looks like this near your enemy's home camp)

This game requires team work.. so talk among yourselves before the game.
Will you pick team members to defend the Virus runner?
Will you take out the turrets and mines before your team virus runner gets to the enemy camp?

Consider planning for this game in advance...
These posts are designed for you to get prepared for the big #Pride10 event weekend... Make sure you tell other Stonewall Members to come take a look at these "plan ahead" posts.
So maybe have a look at your kit.. what would help you defend someone from downloading a Disco Virus into your home Base??

(Click HERE to Enlarge)

In Brief:
- Get a Disco Virus from your home camp
- Download the Disco virus to the computer in your enemy teams camp
- With each downloaded virus, you win points for your team
- which ever team destroys the enemy's camp first are the winners!

A VERY fun PvP game no matter what your level OR your ability, your playing with only stonewall members.. so absolutely no pressure at all.. just fun with friends!
See you at Pride10!!
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Lars Zandor


Klingon Tamburlaine

June 28 2019
Oeh, that's pretty awesome!
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Klingon Tamburlaine

June 28 2019
Haha, I’d kill to go see this. Too bad it’s not anywhere near me.  Thanks for the share!
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Ian M. Walker


Klingon Tamburlaine

June 28 2019

after a last-minute invitation from a friend last night, I watched the 16th-century play, Tamburlaine given a Klingon Twist. :)

The play has been extended here in LA so if you have the chance, go and see it.  Lots of fun and very well done. :)  How they show space battles is very clever.  They even show a zero-gee battle.

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Nick Swinford


[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 27 2019
I suppose there are a few points in my life that I’m proud of.

Growing up, I had always been a shy kid; I was afraid to speak up in class or talk to strangers. I rarely gave my own opinion. Maybe it was because I was a northerner around southerners or because I was more quiet around more boisterous boys, but it wasn’t long before I was pegged as the gay kid. At 16 and in high school, I was tired of living a life in the closet and decided to come out. This put a target on my back like never before. Being called queer or faggot walking down the hall was common place. Death threats passed to me as notes or whispered to me in class were a weekly occurrence. One day, they described in detail how they’d skin me alive and set me on fire if they ever got me alone. I quickly had to learn to stand up for myself and defend myself and I did. I found my own voice and learned to make sure other people heard it too. I stood up to the bullies and didn't back down. In the face of adversity, I persevered.

When I went away to college, the first thing I did was find out about the glbt club on campus. It didn’t meet till two weeks into the semester and I excitedly waited for it. When the night finally came and I remember sitting in the meeting room and looking around; there were 15 other gay people in the same place as me! I was so excited to no longer be alone. I was an active member in the group from the very beginning and was quickly elected to Webmaster. (This was at a time I knew nothing about web development.) After that short tenure, I was elected Vice President and then President. Under my direction, the rag tag group of 15 swelled to 75. We had to find a bigger meeting space! When it came time to host the yearly student lgbt state-wide conference, my organization was selected to host it due to our leadership. When it came time to fund the conference, I raised $15,000 to fund it through a coalition of university departments, non-profits and statewide agencies.

Since starting Stonewall Fleet, there have been numerous instances that have filled me with pride. Watching a small group that you started of a not even a dozen players grow into hundreds and more is an amazing experience. When Star Trek Online was just about to launch, I was so honored to be gifted a lifetime membership by the members of Stonewall Fleet. When I posted my Guest Blog: Celebrating Diversity in Star Trek, the out pouring of support was overwhelming. I got messages from dozens of players thanking me for the post and our Pride Weekend celebration was one of the largest ever.  When I received the letter below, I was so proud of the reputation that Stonewall Fleet had built. I’m proud each time someone tells me about the impact that our community has had on their life, either by making friends, helping them become more comfortable with their sexuality, or even meeting the love of their life. I'm not just proud of my accomplishments, but that of the hundreds of members who have volunteered their time, energy and skill to help build this community into what it is. Without the combined effort and collaboration of countless people, Stonewall Fleet wouldn't be what it is today.

Hi Nick,

My name’s XXX XXXXX, the Community Team Lead for ArenaNet’s upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2.  I’d like to talk with you today about a special testing opportunity for your guild.

Since we first publicly demonstrated Guild Wars 2 a few years ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of MMO players and press around the world. With Guild Wars 2, our goal is nothing less than redefining the limits of the massive online role playing genre, and we’d like your help in achieving that goal.

At this stage in our development, we’re looking for guilds to help us with testing Guild Wars 2, which is where you come in. The Stonewall Fleet came highly recommended to me by members of our studio, so we’d like to extend an invitation to you and 4 other members of your guild for a special closed beta test in the near future.

If you’re interested in advancing MMO gaming and helping us make Guild Wars 2 one of the premiere online role playing games , please reply back to me and I’ll follow up with further details. As you can imagine, this private beta testing opportunity will be covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so I’d appreciate it if you could keep this email conversation confidential as well.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to talking to you soon. See you on the battlefield!

P.S.  Take a look at our website to learn more about Guild Wars 2 and to check out some of the awards and accolades we’ve received so far.

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Halish Medi


[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 26 2019
I’m going to seperate my stories into two sections. The thing I’m most proud of happened in my real life and the other is all about you all and stonewall.

Let’s start with the most important.

I was always a fun-loving kid. I’d always prefer to mess about than to do any actual work and pretty much every report that my school sent home would always mention that I would excel if I just stopped playing and focused on my work.

My first year of college my report from my tutor told me that I should sit in one corner of the classroom and a friend called Rob should sit in the farthest corner away from me so we would stop laughing and do some work.

That came to a crashing end one day when i returned home late from my best friends house to find my mam and dad in a crippling argument before my mam ordered my dad to leave. It turned out that my mam had asked my dad to text me to see where I was and when my dads phone beeped my mam looked to see if I had replied, only to not see a reply from me but to see one from another women that my dad was … not being very christain with.

What followed is what I have since always called “Year of Hell” (I am a star trek fan after all) when really it was much more like two years. I was 17, I had just started uni and was a matter of weeks away from my 18th birthday. 

The proudest moments of my life are all contained within the year of hell. I at 18 had to protect my mother (it was just me and her at home) from a father who was determined to leave her penniless and homeless (and i guess me as well) while dealing with my mams fragile mental state.

18 years old, just a kid really and I had to physically stop my own mother from .. well .. making herself be no longer here. I spent night after night sleeping in the same bed as her, staying up until god knows when going over the same topics again and again. I dropped out of university twice and this spun my life into an entirely different path.

I don’t think my life is objectively better now than it should have been. I think that I should of had a better job and a higher quality of life due to the increased income and what not from finishing my university degree. However, I would never change what I managed to do during those two years. The trips to the solicitors, the plotting of important letters and the really difficult and painful decision (which i took) to cut all contact with my dads entire side of the family. My aunties and uncles and my cousins and any future kids they had were a casualty I had to sacrifice for my mothers mental health. 

But I got her through it. The year of hell ended .. we moved into a new house (with financial help from my older brother) and she re-married to a much much much MUCH nicer man a few years later. 

If I do nothing else in my life, I will forever be proud of my actions during the year of hell. I was 18 .. but I did what I had to do. I got it done.

Now onto you all and Stonewall.

The years that followed I struggled myself to cope with the aftermath. My own mental state was battered (i think a lot of my current anxiety issues and social phobia could be a result of the year of hell). I’ve struggled to maintain friendships or even bond in the way I see other people do.

Stonewall was and is the first place on the internet where I truly felt like I could open up and be myself. I had been in other guilds before and people knew me through my characters and through my in-game personalities but Stonewall was the first place where people got to know Peter as well as Halish.

In the early days I entered the contest to design the Stonewall Fleet logo and went with a design which I thought resembled both a combadge and a ship in the shape of the letters SF. To my surprise everyone seemed to like the logo and suddenly I was getting messages from people like Nick and other early days higher-ups in the fleet and my logo was selected and is still used now. I’m very proud of this and proud to see it recently adorn clothing warn by real people in the real world.

Eventually i was given the opportunity to be an officer in KoS and then the Chief of Membership Management in SWF. This is the job that I liked the most .. dealing with the new member invites into our community was very important to my knowledge and appreciation for just how many different but wonderful people we have in our LGBT+ community. 

Hearing your stories (both heart warming and tear jerking) was wonderful and knowing that we could offer everyone a place, even if just for a week before they got bored of STO or for years to come was something that I will always be proud of and I’m extremely proud of the coming out stories I have heard over the years and how some of our members had to fight against really awful situations to be who they are and love who they love.

Stonewall gave me somewhere to be myself and I will forever be thankful and proud of Stonewall.

There’s another person who I feel like I have to mention at this point. He’s gotten a lot of unfair flack over the years due to just being the bum in the highest chair but I’ve gotten to know him very well and am so proud to call him my boss and my friend, Sir NicholasJohn.

He started our community and lead our community and kept us together when at times we could have broken apart but on a personal note he has been a source of great admiration from me. I admire his intellect and his ability to learn new things and try (I SAID TRY!) to pass those things onto the less intellectually lucky (me).

I admire his ability to speak in a voice which is both clear and sexy but also have a very dry quick wit which can catch you of-guard if you’re not expecting it.

Nick. I love you. Thank you for everything. I hope we are friends until we both die peacefully in our sleep at the age of  … well ... hopefully over 100 (I want my card from the King!).
Thank you to everyone who has already shared and will share below me. I hope you all know just how wonderful you are.
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[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 26 2019
With some prodding it was suggested i take part in this post and it was going to be all about my first pride experience but having seen what this is about i think i have something better, here we go.

Growing up i had always been fairly quiet especially so at school (it was an all boys school in the 90s) where i was the classic nerd and not super popular but i had a good group of friends. Suffice to say puberty hit and it became apparent to me i was not the same as the other boys at school. This was something i tried to keep secret but at one point i trusted the wrong person and the news got out. What followed was two years of the most unpleasant bullying the details of which are fairly irrelevant to this post. I felt deeply ashamed of myself and just became something of a hermit never leaving my room and never talking to anyone. I didn't go to university though i had offers and it was only two years later when the schools careers officer rang me asking if i planned to ever go i decided to put an application in. I owe a lot to her because i likely would never have done so without prompting.

Going to university changed my life i became so much more comfortable and happy in myself but i was always still shy when it came to men and i was nervous in gay situations. During my years there i got used to the idea that i was gay but there was always part of me that held back and i was still very shy in public. During my entire time at university i never once kissed someone on a night out or even bought someone a drink. I was essentially hiding away from my gayness, whilst i had accepted it was part of who i was i was scared to show it in public.

Going forward to where i work now (BP) and there was quite a profound change in my personality. While Stonewall people may have always known me as the loud and seemingly confident person online it was not so in person. Working at BP i was supported and i came out to the people at work but i still never really spoke about my own life and in many respects i still didn't engage with the gay part of myself at all. The support i got at work helped and i was slowly becoming more confident in myself and slowly tuning into the loudmouth you all know (and tolerate) today. A turning point occurred when my local city was the UK city of culture and the pride event changed from a small provincial affair to a massive party to celebrate. As a volunteer for the city of culture i was sent to take part in the parade and it was a truly a life affirming experience. All these people coming out to support our community in a city in the north of England with a reputation for being a bit backwards, it genuinely warmed my heart. I slowly become more vocal about being gay both in and our of work and the real turning point happened later that year when the leader of our local BP Pride group left the company. There was nobody to take over this and he approached me and asked me to do it. I was horrified at the prospect of essentially being the local face for the LGBT+ community in the company. The alternative was that all activities in this area would stop entirely because these diversity and inclusion groups are run by volunteers and nobody else was stepping up. I took the decision that keeping the good work going was worth the discomfort on my part and i am so glad i did. This single action set in course a series of events that has massively increased my confidence and involves me standing in front of rooms filled with people giving educations sessions and even lobbying the leadership for change. I have arranged our continued sponsorship of the local pride parade and even get people from work to take part now. I have arranged multiple education sessions for people of all levels at the company. I have had meaningful discussions with alot of straight white middle aged men on topics such as trans rights and most recently i have been lobbying for some gender neutral toilets to be installed.

I am so very proud that i had the courage to be willing to overcome the difficulties i had in my early life and truly accept myself. The change i have been bring about because of this may not be big but it has been incredibly meaningful to me.
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Danielle Reasor


Caution advised - Security Threat on STO Wiki

June 26 2019
I see this all the time when browsing the wiki on my phone.  You’re right, it’s an ad, and the “service” they’re selling is ransomware.  I don’t have an ad blocker on the phone, so I just hit the “back” button on the browser to go back to the page I needed.
Kevin Van Eeten


[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 25 2019

My absolute pride is the result of a weight loss journey. It feels that I’m exposing quite a bit of myself by writing this down, but it says a lot about my trust in this wonderful community that I feel safe and comfortable enough to write it down here.

I weighed 91 kg back in June 2017, which was too much at my 1,72 m height. I never was overweight until I went to university and basically drank far too much beer every night which gained me a lot of extra kilos. I was never able to successfully get it of anymore, despite the many many times I tried or started a diet.

This time it was different. I downloaded and installed an app called Lifesum, no I don’t own shares… 😉 It helped me a lot in accurately assessing my caloric intake and expenditure and this made it a whole lot easier to make better choices. I didn’t tell anyone as I’ve been unsuccessful so often and I was fearing people’s scrutinising reactions to yet another attempt. This time with the help of the app it worked, though! This obviously did a lot of good for my motivation, especially when other people started noticing.

Once the start was there, and I lost a few kilos, it became very easy and even fun to keep it up! I am a big nerd, so I used spreadsheets with which I could analyse my data and make constantly updating forecasts and summaries of my progress. I even calculated that I needed to cut 6886,1 kcal to lose 1 kg of weight, which is close to the 7000 kcal/kg you find so often in a lot of articles. The entire thing just comes down to consuming less calories than you use over a longer period of time. This is quite an open door, and literally helps nobody… I think it just comes down to finding a modus operandi that worked for me; data visualisation, spreadsheets, and making small changes based on that. Eating a little bit less, doing Zumba, taking a bike instead of a bus.

After about one year, I reached 66 kg, so that’s 25 kg less and I’m stable at that weight for about one year now already. I vividly remember two very emotional moments…

The first one was when we were going on a flight to Hungary and we could take along a 24 kg suitcase. I weighed myself without the suitcase and then with… and I was surprised to see my old weight back on the scale, but now with a super-heavy suitcase!

Another moment was when going for new clothes the first time after losing all that weight. Obviously your entire wardrobe can be thrown out and replaced for new clothes. I was a size XL, and when I first went to buy a new sweater I put on an M and was very proud that it fitted. The salesperson said that an S would suit me better though, and I tried that on and he was right! I bought the sweater and when me and my husband left the shop, I was crying so hard outside on the street.

So... here it is, I hope it doesn't feel like I'm oversharing stuff, but it truly is the one thing I am most proud of.

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City of Heroes - Homecoming - PRIDE BALL **Costume Contest**

June 25 2019
Stonewall Champions of Paragon Presents
In the great tradition of those who came before us,
we gather together to express ourselves,
our sense of style, our undeniable spirit and revel in our immense diversity in an extravaganza to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.
This is more than a costume contest, it is

All players from all shards are welcome to celebrate with us.s.
Costumes not in theme will not be eligible for GRAND PRIZE
This means only 1990 to 1999, Destiny's Child NOT Beyoncé.
Madonna Erotica to Ray of Light etc.
yes, this includes Reba, Snoop, Savage Garden, Cobain EVEN Blu Man Group.
Contestants will WALK THE RUNWAY to show off their creations.*
You may enter as an INDIVIDUAL, GROUP or DUO**
100 mil 1st - 75 mil 2nd - 50mil 3rd will be awarded***/****
Kallisti Wharf (Statesman Square)
June 29th 9pm est
* subject to change
**Costume screening begins 2 hours prior to event start dependant on turn out
***Substitution and or additional prizes may be awarded
**** Groups/Duos will divide winnings amongst themselves
for more info ingame mail @GeoM68/69
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Jeff Breeze


[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 25 2019
One of the proudest I have ever been is when I walked into this years Coronation of my local Imperial Court, almost 20 years to the day of the first time I have attended the event. The first time I was a very ignorant, arrogant person who knew little of how his community or the world at large worked, a nobody. This time when I came in, I was annouced to the entire gathering, a little older, a little wiser, but almost everyone in the room knew who I was, which still blows my mind. i am primarily affiliated with my home's bear community but over the past two decades I have developed a reputation as someone who is not afraid of reaching across boundaries and working with other organizations. I never expected to receive a lifetime title, much less half of what I have earned over the years. I guess it does prove that one person can make a difference if they are willing to set their mind to it.
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[PRIDE10: WEEK 1] Rainbow Away-Team Screenshot Contest

June 25 2019
Dang, sorry I just missed this!  Some amazing entries, though!!
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Ted Hembach


[PRIDE10: WEEK 1] Rainbow Away-Team Screenshot Contest

June 24 2019
Thank you all for your colorful contributions. They are great!
The Rainbow Away Team Screenshot Contest is hereby closed.
We will soon inform you here in this thread about the winners! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile you can proceed with our Pride10 Week 2 event here:
Pride Lands

For an overview of our Pride10 festivities please look here:
Stonewall Pride10

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Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

June 24 2019

Today is the day I take command of the Oppenheimer. I just need to dispose of the Captain first...
Being the Chief of Security has the added benefit of having access to the whole ship without being suspicious. The bastard won't even see it coming.
The captain is a creature of habit. He hides it well, but he likes things done a certain way, which makes him predictable after observing his behavior for long enough. And I have - For longer than anyone else. We've been through hell and back together, so he trusts me implicitly. The fool.

As I finish my rounds, the Captain should be finishing up his jog across the upper deck, after which he'll have dinner in his quarters, followed by some reading.
I head to the galley and sit down for a meal myself. A medium rare steak ought to do the trick. I should make that Orion cook my concubine when I'm done. After we removed her pheromone glands, the green bitch always overseasons the food, but I'm sure she still has other talents.

I will make my move when the captain is indulging in his Andorian shisha in the officer's lounge. He always kicks everyone out when he does that so he can relax, even his boy toys. Even I had to make a copy of his access key to override the door. Luckily for me, this time his supply of tobacco was spiked with other herbs, so he'll be too intoxicated to notice.

It's almost time. I pat the dagger on my belt... Seems like I'm getting a little nervous. But then of course I am. Betrayal should not be taken lightly. I pass the crewmen on the way to the turbolift, they bow and salute to my superiority as I walk. 

Three more levels. That pointy eared freak enters the turbolift, but she has the courtesy to not look me in the eye. If she weren't so fat, she'd be attractive... For a half-breed.

The door opens and I stroll out of the lift, knowing that victory is only a few steps away.

I swat a fly on my neck. Wait...
By the time I realize that Doctor T'Lara injected me with something, it's already too late. As the muscle relaxant shuts down my body, I think to myself - We should never underestimate the subordinates.
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[PRIDE10: WEEK 2] Pride Lands

June 23 2019

It's time to get inspirational and creative in Pride Lands, our second event in the run up to the fabulous Stonewall #Pride10 weekend!


50 years ago, a little known show called Star Trek ended...but in Greenwich, NYC, an awakening began...           
The Stonewall Riots, after which Stonewall Gaming Network is named, became a defining moment in LGBT history.
People stood up against the oppression using only what they could find.
So every year we honour their courage and celebrate with pride.         
Whether you are LGBT+ or a straight ally, out or still in the closet....
What makes you proud? Have you done something to help your LGBT community in your area or online?
Or what are you most proud of? Are you a proud gamer? Did you get that ultimate score?
Or whom?

Are you proud of a collection?           
Or of an achievement in life? Be it great or small! Are you proud of doing this in your life? (A college degree, a piece or art, something that you made or completed)
Did you complete an accolade set or get that legendary event done?
Or earned enough to finally get that ship you wanted?
50 years on...Star Trek has returned strong.
But the quest for equality continues...
Add your voice to our chorus by telling us your pride story.

  • You are welcome to use creative licence to share your pride story - be it written, audio, photographic, artistic composition or even a combination!
  • Your entry should be able to tell your pride story to us and all readers/viewers and evoke the feeling of us sharing in your pride.
  • So if it is a photographic entry, consider including a short narrative to accompany it, unless the photo is self-explanatory!
  • There is no limit to written entries but we do ask for more than simple one liners as they may not be sufficient enough to tell your pride story.
  • Share your pride story entry on this page from now until 30th June.
  • The judges will be Gareth, Kierix and Cal who will review all the entries and determine the top 3 after this date.

The top 3 entries, as rated by the judging panel, will win Stonewall Credits, redeemable in our Stonewall Credits Store:
  • 1st place 3 Stonewall Credits
  • 2nd place 2 Stonewall Credits
  • 3rd place 1 Stonewall Credits

And finally, all participants will have their entries immortalised in the next edition of the Stonewall Times!

We look forward to seeing your submissions!
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