Cheyenne Cartwright


  • July 30 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow

“Commend Me to My Kind Lord”

The First City belongs to the warriors.

Change comes slowly to Qo'noS, and as the Empire struggled with itself and its ideals in the early second millennia of Kahless, even another thousand years of change would surely prove this one keystone could not be moved. Warriors alone can claim the First City.

To say that all Klingons are warriors is not mere posturing, bu...

Adam Kotaška


  • July 29 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow




The voice of the ship´s computer recited the incident report in such inappropriately seductive manner. But Elieth was trying to ignore that distraction and attentively watched the ...

Sage Rothwell


  • July 27 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow


(Write about your character shouldering an unspeakable burden for those who do not realize that they are.)

Agent Kos
Section 31


"Belli dura despicio. 'I despise the hard knocks of war.'" -
Motto of the HMS ...

Gareth GXV3


  • July 25 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow

2 Weeks
By Gareth GX age 6

Day 3: The cloth canopy that I constructed from my uniform to keep this god damn sun from my skin is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, it barely keeps that scorching ball of fire off my skin, this desert is slowly cooking me.
I've attempted to contact my ship via subspace again.. my shaking hand causes my fingers to barely grasp the communicator through desperatio...

Michelle C.M.


  • July 21 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow


May Love Set You Free

Dedication: To K, with love and gratitude.

Captain’s log, stardate 88538.8. The Valkyrie has rendezvoused with the Alexandria in orbit of New Romulus. In a surprising about-face, Commodore Liazi Trin has requested my assistance with the examination and interrogation of the Tal Shiar prisoner. Although the Alexandria boasts a dedicated team of specialists, they...

Katherine A.C.


  • July 16 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow


Nothing That Belonged to It Exists Anymore

The holodeck gateway opened onto a rain slick street, lit by incandescent bulbs sprouting from telephone poles and squat apartment blocks. A yellow and red taxi belching exhaust drove past that gateway heedlessly as Saadia Shah stepped through and into the program. She wore a grey trench coat over her uniform; somehow, she knew it would b...

Danielle Farling


  • June 28 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow -

For your #WritingContest reading, "Steep Declination" - All stardates use function two found here.

Acting Captain’s Log, Stardate 88463.13:  Acting Captain D’ani logging.
For my first command to be like this...  The Baker is shaken, and on my training cruise, as it would happen.  Little had been heard of the Borg in recent years, and most often only in Academy lectures.  Yet, here they sto...

The "Sagas of Sorrow" #WritingContest is currently running until July 31, 2022. Enter by logging into this site with your SGN account and then clicking the link above to head to our for...

Dave (Voleron)


  • June 20 2022
Writing Contest: Sagas of Sorrow

Another Stonewall Gaming #WritingContest is upon us and we're excited to announce the theme of our 2022 writing contest: "Sagas of Sorrow!"  Running now through July 31st, 2022, we're inviting all members of SGN to submit a story of their in-game character from their favorite game, whether it be Star Trek Online or any other, but we want you to incorporate one of the following tragedy themed wr...

Joseph Wayt


  • June 28 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!

Writing Contest: Left Behind!

Lost By Joseph Wayt (Captain Milo)

Captain Milo Thomayt Personal Log.
The U.S.S Dunedin has been away from home for the last three months on a mapping assignment at the far reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, My husband Tobias Pascal also a captain on board the U.S.S Capricorn has been away 12 days on a Starfleet mission into the Badlands in search of a pa...

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Ted Hembach


  • June 25 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!

Personal Log, 88791.09
Today my counselour suggested to accelerate my rehabilitation by keeping a personal logfile. So, here we are. What to say? Should I say I'm sorry about being killed and revived by the borg, and then killed and revived by the Federation again? I'm not sorry at all, I'm happy to feel anyhow. Life, sense, emotion and individuality, dancing, not to speak of nutrition, all grea...

Zander Hawk


  • June 20 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!


Left Behind
A short story by Zander Hawk

I remember when I first arrived at Outpost Recuerdo.  I had joined the Federation Bureau of Administration as an accountant, specializing in ensuring that requisitions for non-Federation currencies were completed in a timely manner.

I loved my job, there was always a certainty about numbers that I enjoyed.  I remember working with Jill in Pu...

Chris Moore


  • June 10 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!


Together Forever.

“Just breathe..”
Adamis thought to himself as he slowly piloted his shuttle towards the Borg cube now in orbit around the planet of Brunali.
“No going back now. Computer beam me to the cube on my mark.”
“Ok open your eyes on the count of three” Adamis said elated.
Kelin slowly opened his eyes to see his Husband holding a rose. Laye...

Joshua Lee


  • May 26 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!

The scream rang out, piercing the reverberating air. He had been caught. She had seen him just moments ago, but he had been caught. As the claws descended from the darkened sky, she knew that there was only one more. One final partner to depend on, or so she hoped. She continued carefully wrapping the bandages around her punctured waist, blood oozing through each layer as she tried to stem the ...

Unknown Person

  • May 24 2021
A Fallout Universe Ghoul's Origin Story


(Reposting, since I deleted after thinking I put it in the wrong place.)

There's the door. I need to get it open. Who knew needing the mop and bucket to clean up after some kid puked on the floor would save my life. Seems the closet here was sturdier than I'd have given it credit for. Damn it! Open, you bastard! I said.. open! Whoa. I guess I'm stronger now. I think I bent tha...

Dave (Voleron)


  • May 23 2021
Writing Contest: Left Behind!

Another Stonewall Gaming #WritingContest is upon us and we're excited to announce the theme of our first writing contest of 2021: "Left Behind"

Running now through June 30th, 2021, we're inviting all members of SGN to submit a story of their in-game character from their favorite game, whether it be Star Trek Online, Dead by Daylight, Valheim, Fortnite, Overwatch or any other, but we want you to ...

Dave (Voleron)


  • July 24 2019
Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

I've spent the last few weeks reading and re-reading all of the amazing entries for the "Fables of Betrayals" #WritingContest and want to extend my heart-felt appreciation to everyone who took part.  Every story was amazing and it's always such a challenging task to pick the top three, when each of the stories was enjoyed so thoroughly.  The writing tale...

Anna Baldur


  • June 24 2019
Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!


Today is the day I take command of the Oppenheimer. I just need to dispose of the Captain first...
Being the Chief of Security has the added benefit of having access to the whole ship without being suspicious. The bastard won't even see it coming.
The captain is a creature of habit. He hides it well, but he likes things done a certain way, which makes him predictable after obs...



  • June 23 2019
Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

The Admiral and the Activist

The force field between them seems to stretch a thousand light years. They have traversed more than that since they last spoke. A starched uniform faces off a utilitarian jumpsuit, each seeing the brig as their stage, their moment of defiance.

"I hear your code name is now White Knight," the Admiral observes with a wry sigh, "you always were one for suc...

Kevin Van Eeten


  • June 22 2019
Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

Treasure Trading Station in orbit of Argelius II – July 2409
Leaving the stale recycled air behind him, he entered the airlock connecting his Interceptor-class Orion shuttlecraft to Treasure Trading Station. The narrow confines of this walkway gave him about half an arms-length at each side to manoeuvre, but it was preferable in any case over the cold hard vacuum present in the high orbit over...

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