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Demo & Launch Dates New

5 hours ago
V I P Demo

   This is for everyone who has pre-ordered the game or is a Origin Access or Premier member. You can also get access with a beta code.

   January 25th - 27th

Open Demo

    This is for everyone! Across all platforms to try the demo of the game completly free! This is your chance to decide if it's worth your time and money!

    February 1st - 3rd

Early Access

    For Origin Access and Premier members. 

    February 15th.


    The gates are open! Time to launch!

    February 22nd
Halish Medi


How do I join? New

5 hours ago
Welcome to Stonewall Lancers, Proudly part of the Stonewall Gaming Network.

Once the game has launched and the guild has been created we will update this thread with details of how to join in-game across the platforms we end up rolling out on.

If you're not currently a member of our community or in any of our other guilds there is a couple of things to do to get ready.

1. Post a introduction thread in the Start Here section

This is just a simple introduction (it doesn't have to be long) giving us a little bit about who you are and why you want to be part of our community. If you're introduction is approved (and it's like 99.9% will be) you'll have 14 days before you will be promoted to a fully-fledged member. So getting this out of the way will only speed up your progress once we get our bodies into our javelins.

Click here to go to the Start Here section.

2. Join us on Discord

We use discord as our main form of out-of-game communication. So while you're waiting why not jump in and let us get to know you. You can be as active or as quite as you like. We won't bite.

Click here to find out how.
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Guild Status - Stonewall Lancers New

6 hours ago

We are currently preparing for the launch of Bioware's Anthem.

Current Status: Pre-Launch Preparation

Windows PC:

Full details are yet to be revealed for how the guilds in Anthem will work but as soon as we are able to do so the guild will be created and all relevant details will be communicated. 


If we have interest and a willing member to take the reigns we will create a guild on X-Box.


If we have interest and a willing member to take the reigns we will create a guild on PS4.


There will be no cross-platform at launch but Bioware said it's something they may consider post-launch, so we've just go to keep our toes crossed.

If you're interested in assisting with the running of our guilds on any of the platforms don't hesitate to get in touch with me (@halish).
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Ben Ekdahl



2 days ago
Hello, May I please get a fleet re-invite for STO?


Thank you
Cassie Lanah


ESO Guild

2 days ago
I'm considering to trying again ESO, if we have a guild, I'd like to join :)
Tourma Rivers



2 days ago
I've never got super into it, but it is a pretty game.  A friend who plays a really stealthy character is trying to get me into it, but I doubt she'd like my Rambo shenanigans. 
Tourma Rivers


Destiny 2

2 days ago
I have put so many hours into Destiny...

Yeah, Strikes are prety zen.  If you get a rhythm going you can just do them forever.  Once you know them better they get closer to 10 minutes than 15-20.  Raids are adding more and more song and dance to the shooting.  Which is fun, but really, really requires strong communication.

If you're looking for a guild, I'm in one of a trans streamer I follow.  Its active in waves.

I'm really interested in seeing where the game goes with Bungie no longer working with Activision.
Michael Minks-Bungard


Hi everyone from Torquere

5 days ago
Hello @Torquere

Welcome to the Stonewall Gaming Network (SGN), home of our various Stonewall related fleets within Star Trek Online, we are happy to have you with us! Please make sure to read our Info Center for critical information that will help you with commonly asked questions, assist you with troubleshooting, connect you with important contacts, and provide you with instructional guides for some of our technology.

To join our in-game events or chats
Some games may require interactive audio participation please make sure to read our instructions on how to download and setup Discord including our Etiquette Guide for Discord.

Before you begin interacting with any anyone within the SGN, you should read our definitive guide on Fleet Interactions.

The Rules
As with any community please reserve some time to become familiar with our rules by reading our:
Code of Conduct
Community Guidelines
and Fleet Bank Rules

If you are playing STO on PC
To join our stonewallfeet public chat channel on Star Trek Online - PC, locate the Chat box, within the chat bar enter the following text:

/channel_join stonewallfleet

After you have joined (on PC), within the chat bar simply request an invite and someone should be able to help you.

If you are playing STO on a Console
Please make sure to visit the following Group page(s) for instructions on local in-game assistance:

Stonewall XB1 for Xbox One
Stonewall PS4 for PlayStation 4

After 14 days from the date that you created your introduction post, you will be promoted to the level of “Member”.  As a “Member” you will be able to purchase items from our guild/fleet stores.

If you have not done so, please make sure to that you provide your in-game Character Name and Cryptic @ Handle on here or directly to me so that we can update our records.

If you have any questions or concerns about our rules or any anything else please contact me or anyone else in leadership.

Have fun! :)

Jadis Dax

Department of Membership Management
Discord: Dax_Aussie_Boy#4925


Hi everyone from Torquere

5 days ago
Welcome to Stonewall, Jim! (And 'hi! from a fellow SoCal player)

Halish Medi


What is the platform that StonewallGaming.net runs on?

1 week ago
It runs on anahita which you can check out here: https://www.getanahita.com/

The Boss, @NicholasJohn16 , set up the site so if you want some advise on Anahita then he's the man for you. :)
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Dani Wood


What is the platform that StonewallGaming.net runs on?

1 week ago
I've been looking for a social media platform and I was wondering what platform stonewall is running on.



Hi everyone from Torquere

1 week ago
Hi @Torquere!

Welcome to Stonewall Fleet and to the Stonewall Gaming Network as a whole!  We're happy to have you join us and hope that you'll find Stonewall to be the amazing online home for your Captain!  Getting an in-game invite is as easy as joining our in-game chat channel by typing /channel_join StonewallFleet in your in-game chat box.  Then just ask any online Fleet Captain or Admiral for an invite!

We'd love for you to follow the Stonewall Gaming Network on social media through your choice of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit and invite your friends to follow us as well!  We'd also like to invite you to join our community group on Discord, where you can both voice and text chat with your Stonewall friends while in any other game or on the road!  Click the icons below for quick links to each.

Finally, be sure to interact with us here in our forums, as it's where we post about our community events, share resources and have an opportunity to interact with one another outside of the games. 

Welcome once again and I'll see you around the galaxy!

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Gareth GXV3


Stonewall Secret Santa 2018!

1 week ago
The Tees are really cool, I wish I had one of them... and the long dark is reeeeeally good too... very tense, i never lasted that long at all.
nice gifts whom ever they were from.


Stonewall Secret Santa 2018!

1 week ago
Secret Santa Update!

After a long week away, I came home to a second part of my Secret Santa gift!  The first part, which I hadn't yet posted about, was a copy of "The Long Dark", a survival genre game set in my stomping grounds of northern Canada, and I've already gotten some time into that game!  The second part, which just arrived, are officially licensed NYFD and NYPD tees for Julien and I.  Thanks very much to my #SecretSanta and I can't wait for next year's!

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Stephen Douglas


House of Nagh'reD Monthly Event

2 weeks ago
This is my T1_B'rel's Spirit Animal and inspiration, and I didn't get to fly it!!! (courtesy of the gamma vanity shield)


i still can't add pics to my posts...
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Ben Osbourn


Star Trek Fleet Command (mobile game)

2 weeks ago
I'm really enjoying playing it tbh. It's much more complex tha  a lot of mobile games, plus its Star Trek based on the Kelvin timeline.
I'd like to play with fellow stonewallers and our own fleet on there would be much better. 
I'm on it all the time as I cant really play STO much anymore since moving in with my fiance
I'm Rucifel75 
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House of Nagh'reD Monthly Event

2 weeks ago
I'll unfortunately have to bow out due to work this week, otherwise I'd be there with bells on!
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House of Nagh'reD Monthly Event

2 weeks ago
Quote by Lars-LordZandor

QaleghneS, warriors of Nagh'reD! Gather your ships! For it is time for battle again! This Sunday (January the 6th) Nagh'reD will hold a space PvP match... in T1 ships! We'll start with a 1vs1 tournament and end with a massive PvP battle!


  • Your character needs to be KDF or KDF-Aligned.
  • You're flying a T1 ships


  • 2 SWC's to the winner of 1vs1 Tournament
  • 2 SWC's to a random member of the winning team of the massive PvP battle

We will gather at the Fleet Starbase!


cant wait!
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Rich Ryan


Character Biography

2 weeks ago
NAME: T'Cael Ael'hollis

Separated from his family during the evacuation of Romulus, T'Cael was handed off to the first adult, a retired Centurion, the authorities could find. Who was childless. Neither T'Cael nor T'Saris was satisfied with this arrangement. In time, the two of them learned to tolerate each other sufficiently for T'Saris and T'Cael to further his education. 

T'Saris had been First Engineer aboard a Warbird until an accident left her badly crippled. Unable to serve the Empire in her preferred way, at first T'Saris deeply resented, "looking after someone else's brat". T'Cael intensely disliked the strict discipline and numerous rules T'Saris required him to live under.

As a matter of course, T'Saris began preparing T'Cael for service in the Imperial Fleet. That there was no longer an Imperial Fleet to serve in mattered not at all. T'Cael's objections were wasted on deaf ears and he struggled hard to learn the large amounts of lore and wisdom T'Saris burdened him with. In time, he learned the fastest way to get her to let him do as he wished was to perform the tasks she gave him as quickly and efficiently as he could. Before she died, T'Saris managed to give T'Cael the equivalent of the first two years of the Engineering Scholia at the Imperial War Academy.

T'Cael has one very old hologram of his family and has never given up the thought he would find them someday. He has come tantalizingly close on a few occasions but the search has more often resulted in one bitter disappointment after another. He keeps all this to himself. But he cannot give up the search. 

After seeing firsthand the things which the Tal Shiar and the Empress Sela have done to retain power, T'Cael has committed himself wholeheartedly to the Republic. He will go to any length to defend the Republic since its enemies have no scruples or honor. He gives them no quarter because he feels strongly the Republic can only be made safe with their death.
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