Fleet Ranks

Stonewall Fleet has six different ranks: Recruit, Cadet, Member, Fleet Captain, Admiral, Fleet Admiral. Although you will gain different ranks within Star Trek Online ranging from Lieutenant all the way to Vice Admiral, within Stonewall Fleet you will progress through the ranks below. In Star Trek Online, you can view your Fleet Rank by clicking the Fleet icon below the minimap.


A Recruit is someone who has been invited into Stonewall Fleet but has not been fully registered on our website. The person could also have already be registered on the website but has not yet provided their @handle. Since this person cannot be fully identified, it is important that this information be completed as soon as possible. Users must register on our website withing seven days or else be explused from the in-game fleet. A Fleet Captain or Admiral can assist recruits. Recruits have no access to the banks, can't donate to Fleet Projects or purchase from Fleet Stores.


  • Hasn't joined the website.
  • Hasn't provided @handle.


A Cadet is someone who has been invited into Stonewall Fleet and has a complete registration on our website. To progress to Member, a Cadet must make a post in the Start Here section to introduce themselves to the fleet and community. If a Cadet does not do this, then he/she will remain a cadet indefinitely. After the introductory post is made, there's a 14 day introductory period to become a Member. Once the period is up, a Cadet is promoted to Member automatically. Cadets have limited access to the fleet bank in game, can donate to Fleet Projects, but can't purchase from Fleet Stores.


  • Has joined the website.
  • Has provided @handle.


A Member is someone who has provided their @handle, posted their introduction and progressed through the 14 day introduction period. If you have not been promoted to Member and are not sure why, please contact a Fleet Captain or Admiral. Members have more access to the Fleet Banks, can donate to Fleet Projects and can purcahse from Fleet Stores.


  • Has joined the website.
  • Has provided @handle.
  • Has posted Introduction in Start Here!!
  • Has passed 14 day introduction period.

Fleet Captain

A Fleet Captain is a Senior Member in the SGN. They have volunteered some of their time to help the fleet in whatever way they can. They can assist with answering questions, inviting people into any of the STO guilds, moderation of our community, and other fleet sponsored events. They serve as the first line of escalation or help for the community so feel free to reach out when needed and ask for help. Fleet captains handle most in-game member grievances/concerns.


An Admiral is an Officer in the SGN. In addition to performing all the duties of a Fleet Captain, Admirals handle more complicated issues including interpreting community rules, approving fleet events, representing the Stonewall Fleet brand, and handling member grievances/concerns. Admirals may handle grievances/concerns escalated from a member or Fleet Captain.

Fleet Admiral

The Fleet Admiral is the guild leader of Stonewall Fleet and an Officer in the SGN. Although responsible for the general oversight of the fleet, the fleet admiral also handles the most difficult or complex concerns of members. The fleet admiral may handle grievances/concerns escalated from members, fleet captains, or admirals and will issue a final decision based on the evidence provided.