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Stonewall Fleet


The Tenth Annual Pride Weekend

Saturday, July 13th, 2019 - Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Stonewall Fleet is proud to host the Tenth Annual Pride Weekend for the Star Trek Online community. This time of year is a time of great celebration for the GLBT community. Millions worldwide celebrate in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots were a major changing point in the Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement that not only affected the GLBT community, but the entire world.

For this occasion, Stonewall Fleet will be hosting events throughout July 13th & July 14th. The events will be open to the entire Star Trek Online community and we hope that you and your fleet will come participate.

Join STOPride! To participate in all the festivities and follow along with the events, join the STOPride channel! Enter '/channel_join STOPride' to join.


Rainbow Away Team

June 17th - 23rd

Create the rainbow flag using your awayteam, gather your away team in a pride/rainbow/trans flag color scheme and take a snapshot, the best and most original capture will win.

Pride Raffle

July 1st - 7th

Our Annual Pride raffle is back, here are all the details and Prizes to be won.


June 24th - 30th

Share your LGBT related pride story that has happened in your life, share or inspire others of what makes you proud.

Fit To Be Pride

July 8th - 14th

Grab your pedometers and limber up to celebrate pride, and learn LGBTQ history by joining Stonewall latest step challenge.

Weekend Schedule

July 13th

July 14th

Times below are adjusted to your local timezone.

Opening Ceremonies

Join us to officially open Stonewall Fleet's 10th Annual Pride Weekend! Hosted at the Stonewall Fleet's Starbase Diversity and telecast to their sister fleet, House of Nagh reD's Starbase Strength, there's room for everyone, no matter the faction! Just ask in the STOpride channel for invite to the appropriate starbase.

Discovery TFOs

We'll kick off our pride celebrations with group runs of Discovery Task Force Operations! Team up with your fleetmates to defeat your enemies, and increase your reputation as a Discovery Legend!

Monsterboard Racing

Celebrate summer and pride by taking to the Risa Beach Resort to participate in a series of power board races in monster form, by using your favorite S31 holo-emitter! (Free Holo emitters will be provided to contestants)

Discord Logo

To participate in some events, access to our SGN Discord is required. Instruction on how to join our server can be found here.

Star Trek Bingo

Join us for TWO back-to-back Star Trek themed bingo games! Those of you who have played in our bingo events before, know how it works: everyone will be given a link to their own, unique, web-based bingo card that can be accessed through your browser or tablet. We'll call out clues to the characters on your bingo card, and you'll mark off the icons on your card that match the clues that are called! The first to achieve different bingo combinations will win prizes!

Costume Contest: Arabian Nights Theme

Take pride in your fashion! Show off your costumes on Bajor's Hathon for the theme "Arabian Nights". This mystical land of magic and sand is more than it seems...

Pride Parade in Purple

Show your pride in a parade across the alpha quadrant! We'll beam up to our ships from Bajor following our amazing costume contest, and will soar from there to pre-determined destinations within the Alpha quadrant, before returning to Deep Space 9! Once back at DS9, beam down to Quark's for a quick dance party before our next hide and seek event on DS9! Our optional theme this year is "Purple in Pride!" Paint your ship purple or throw on a purple space set, if you like! Don't forget your firework, pets and holoemitters to help show your pride!

DS9 Tosk - The Game

Discover the nooks & crannies of Deep Space 9 by finding the perfect hiding spot. Can your fellow fleet mates find you? If they do then it will be their turn to hide! Come join us in this sneeky game that is sure to give us all the giggles!

Discord Logo

To participate in some events, access to our SGN Discord is required. Instruction on how to join our server can be found here.

Guess the GIF

Join us in Discord, for a "Guess That Movie" quiz, simply by identifying a GIF as a clue!

LGBT Movie Night

Once the in-game festivities wind down for the evening, join us for Stonewall movie night! We'll all gather at the south-east beach that overlooks the sunset at Stonewall Fleet's colony holding. Bring your collapsable chairs, food, drink, pets and whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, as we watch an LGBTQ themed movie together online at the same time! You'll need three things to watch: A Netflix account, a Google Chrome browser, and the free Netflix Party extension! You can download the Netflix Party extension at


Help us kick off the second day of Pride with several Task Force Operations in your favorite Tier I ship! We'll try to beat the odds by taking on several Task Force Operations, so pull your old Tier I out of dry dock, equip some good equipment and get ready for battle!

Carrier vs T1 Ships

Captains, put down your tropical drinks and race to your drydock to defend the quadrant from a diabolical Admiral and his carrier! Band together to bring him to justice and save Risa from his wrath! For this action packed cross faction PVP event, all participating captains will team up against one carrier in their Tier I ships. Load out your favorite ship in you your best gear so we can take this rogue officer down! Once we have them back in custody, we'll be drinking Risian Mai Tais in no time!

Accolade Hunters Club

Join the Fleet Morale department for the grand re-launch of Stonewall Fleet's Accolade Hunter Club! Team up with us and we'll help you collect your exploration accolades in both the New Romulus and Nimbus III zones!

Disco Ball Wars

Two teams and one base each... Can your team capture the other team's base three times? You'll need to infiltrating the enemy strong hold and set off a disco ball to claim it, in this PvP ground game of strategy and sneakiness!

Star Trek Trivia

The Emergency Gameshow Host Hologram (Mark II) is back to host trivia for our 10th anniversary of Pride! Pit your Star Trek knowledge against your fellow Stonewallers by joining us for an epic Trek Trivia audio adventure on Discord and in Star Trek Online! Don't be discouraged if trivia isn't your forté! There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns in this trivia experience to give everyone a shot at placing! There's nothing more entertaining than coming out to be insulted by our snide trivia hologram host!

Ground Melee & Fashion

Knocking heads while looking awesome! A grand melee in which extra points will be awarded to those that stand out with their outfits! No specific categories; surprise us with your creativity! Melee rules: no kits or kit modules

Star Trek Scavenger Hunt

You'll be given a list of targets to hunt and just one hour to track down those targets throughout the galaxy! You'll document (via screenshot) as many targets as possible before time runs out! Each successful find will earn you points and the players with the highest points at the end of the hour will win!

Closing Ceremonies

As one of our favorite Klingons once said: "Parting is such sweet sorrow", but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. It's time to say goodbye to the tenth annual Pride weekend. Join us on Starbases Diversity (Federation) and Strength (KDF) for one last in-game gathering as we say some parting words before kicking off our closing dance party and announcing prize winners!

Cards Against Humanity

This "after hours" event is always a hoot. We'll head over to the adults only lounge at our Deep Space Station: K-13 with our Captains, but the event itself is browser based and we'll be chatting on Discord! Beware, this game covers some very adult content in a funny and irreverent way but it’s not for the faint of heart