Guidelines/Rules for streaming to Twitch

While streaming to Twitch, you are essentially representing Stonewall, so we have put together these guidelines/rules for streaming to our Twitch channel.
  1. Abide by Stonewall’s Code of Conduct - the Code of Conduct is our foundation for safe and harmonious interaction and this also applies to streaming on Twitch.
  2. Do not play copyrighted music on the stream - Twitch has recently had a whole host of DMCA takedowns due to copyright violations. If you think you have streamed something that contained copyright material, contact Dave or Josh to remove the recording as soon as possible. Some games have specific options in their settings to disable copyrighted music to avoid this. Try checking the options or googling to see if that is a possibility.
  3. Try to encourage interaction with chat where possible - the whole point of streaming is to have others interact with you while you’re gaming. Try to keep an eye on chat and speak to those who drop in to your stream.
  4. Avoid being unnecessarily vulgar - as laid out in the Community Guidelines, while streaming on Twitch we’re trying to show a good face for Stonewall and so we need to ensure our content is enjoyable for as many as possible. Profanity is not banned, but we ask you to be sensible.
  5. Seek help when necessary - if you experience troublesome users in chat don’t be afraid to moderate, but if you need additional moderation assistance let someone know.
  6. Let people you’re playing with know you’re streaming - if you are streaming whilst playing a multiplayer game with others, let them know that you’re streaming as a matter of courtesy and make sure they’re happy for you to stream and for their voice chat to be audible on Twitch.

Moderation commands on Twitch

Even though you’re not logged into Twitch, you’ll have your own account marked as an “Editor”, which means you’ll have moderation powers. If you do need to moderate, here are the commands you’ll need (replacing the square brackets with the correct information):

  • /ban [username]
  • /unban [username]
  • /timeout [username] [number of seconds]
  • /untimeout [username]