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Thank you all for coming!!!

Your SWCs will be awarded in the next 24 hours
(all fashion show contestants who didnt place will get 1 SWC)

Reflection Day 6

Reflection Day 6


This is the 6th year of Stonewalls Reflection Day.
A day in which we battle under the Stonewall Empire flag.
"Our inventions mirror our secret wishes."
What will you fly?
Who will you become?
(Event schedule coming soon)
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Before the big day on Sat 28th Nov (red below for more info)
We will be running 2 weekly events.

14th - 20th (right here on thi...
Gareth GXV3


RD6 Ship Build & Bios

Greetings Stonewall Empire Captains!I gather you all here today as I wish to get a record of all our Stonewall Empire ships, Your mission was to expand our rule over the galaxy with your ship and modify it to the best of your abilities using any technology you come across.. if you acquired it by force this does not matter to me.

Our systems have also been under attack by rebellion scum, most li...