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Gareth GXV3


November 20 2020

RD6 Ship Build & Bios

Greetings Stonewall Empire Captains!I gather you all here today as I wish to get a record of all our Stonewall Empire ships, Your mission was to expand our rule over the galaxy with your ship and modify it to the best of your abilities using any technology you come across.. if you acquired it by force this does not matter to me.

Our systems have also been under attack by rebellion scum, most likely the Cardasians, during our attempt to block them from hacking into our systems some of our files were corrupted .. and we have lost several of our imperial files on you.  So please forward me your Bio's  or Stories of your past to keep your records up to date.

So.. basically, your invited to show off the ships that you have built and are ready to take into battle on #ReflectionDay6 28th Nov

Also.. if you would like to upload your written Bio/Story please feel free!! We would love to see how you think your Mirror character lives their life. (bare in mind that we will be having a "your mirror toon" fashion show, to show off your Mirror style Live on the 28th.. so if you include pictures of your toon, thats optional too.

To Take a screen grab of your ship build,

Simply open your ship

- Press "print screen" on your keyboard

- Open microsoft paint

- Ctl & V (or paste)

- Crop just the ship inventory window

- Save to your PC

- Upload here!

To upload your screengrab/pictures to add to this site, i use to host my pics, once uploaded, click on "show sharable links"you are looking for a link that looks like  this 
just copy that, and paste it into here as a reply.

or follow Volerons guide to uploading Images :

Example, Here is my build!

larger view:

Look forward to seeing what you have built or reading your stories!!

#RD6 #MirrorBuilds

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Stephen Douglas
November 20 2020 Permalink

--out of universe, i've never set up a carrier before, so i made this a rainbow turret + every pet i could find in my bank--

Terran Imperial Secret Service
Top secret // Emperor’s Eyes Only - partial extract
Terran star year 82419.332

Update on the humanoid species designated Zoxesyr.

Update since last report
In the past solar year a single Zoxesyr has been sighted in Imperial space. We have been unable acquire basic details on his name or general location. Communications traffic indicate he is the captain of a carrier class ship called “Flying Circus”. Long distance scans of the ship show that it may be a Federation universe Jem Hadar Carrier, we have been unable to determine the internal configuration.

Communication intercepts show that he has become a talking point on several subjugated planets, usually from known rebellious elements. (see rebellion projects list for potential contacts)

We are considering several plans to extract and interrogate a member of the Zoxesyr species. Past attempts have failed for various reasons (see extraction projects list for details).

Psychology and Sociology
In the Federation universe the Zoxesyr are excellent at blending into any society. They are as violent as Klingons, as lucky as Terrans, as logical as Vulcans, and as devious as Romulans.

Our agents have rarely seen them interacting with each other directly. The only confirmed contacts have been on Risa during the Lohlunat Festival, in Q’s Winter Wonderland, and occasionally on Earth during First Contact celebrations.

We are still not able to determine any meaning or logic to the letter-plus-number designations they use as names.

They have an uncanny ability to coordinate activities outside their adopted societal hierarchies. We have several confirmed instances of Zoxesyr A001 planting resources in obscure locations and Zoxesyr B002 and Zoxesyr C003 collecting them soon afterwards. No communications have been found to support this level coordination. In every case the official records show A001 donating the resources to colonies, and the others “discovering” them as if at random.

Home World
Location of the home world of Zoxesyr in the Imperial universe remains a mystery. The Federation database designates the world as a barely habitable M-class world in an unclaimed system in the Orion sector. The identical location in the Empire does not contain any stars or planets.

The Federation has never considered the planet for colonization. One unreliable (Ferengi ID 32384d8a) contact indicates that discussions about the planet are always deflected to better candidate planets. The contact suspects outside influences, but will not elaborate. The Federation data does not indicate how the planet was colonized in the first place.

All attempts at beaming down or landing shuttles on the Federation universe planet are firmly, and politely, blocked with no known incidents of violence.

Biology and Physiology
Data about Zoxesyr biology in the Federation universe is contradictory.

There are only a few confirmed and consistent facts: They all present as males, 1.75 m tall, 72 kg, always have facial hair, and never cranial hair. They all have the same facial marking, which resembles a stylized flame on the forehead. The skin pigments and marking colors range across the entire humanoid spectrum, and no two are exactly the same.

Star Fleet data registers A001 as pure human, with expected mutations from living on a marginal colony world. Their records go back to the 22nd century, and we are confident they were not tampered with or fictitious.

Klingon Defense Force data designated B002 as a Klingon still impacted by the Human Augment Virus of the 23rd century. KDF medical records are haphazard and poorly controlled, so we don’t have a high level of confidence in them.

Romulan Republic records show that C001 is Romulan with inclusions of Vulcan genetic material. We consider these records suspicious. The destruction of Romulus eliminated 90+% of official records and critically damaged data security.

The Dominion recently updated their data to include J008 who seems to have been engineered to include human genetics in a black project of unclear goals (see appendix J). The team is still reviewing these records and determining confidence levels for them.

Imperial Tricorder scans (see appendix C) confirm that they are all Terran Imperial humans with no indications of Federation human admixture.

The quantum signatures match the Imperial universe, not the Federation universe.

We suspect that they have a telepathic mass mind, and this has not been confirmed as of this report. We have detected no Psi type energies, and can see no unusual physiological structures in scans.
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Kieran Kiki
November 21 2020 Permalink

Commander Kieran of the ISS Reflective, NCC 93131
Since hopping over universes we have liberated an old federation escort ship, saber class, small and nimble, not much weaponry for my liking however we will make do with precision shots that do the most damage possible contrary to my crew's usual style of multiple torpedo bays, disruptor banks and hanger bays.

The laws and outfits of this universe are strange... so many layers... the Terran universe was so simple, oh well, I have adapted to this universe with these common "robes" and a hat to avoid as much solar radiation to my vision as possible.

The ship we liberated in the name of the Terran Empire was in the horrendous Starfleet grey, so we paid some Orions to paint on the Terran regalia, they were unable to cover the USS name registry...cheapskates... but we have our ship, and are ready to seed distrust and destruction among this universe

Long live the empire!
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Joey Holweger
November 21 2020 Permalink
Captain Pertwee liberated from the Borg by a doctor that wanted to experiment on Borg technology. Once the doctor has freed him from the collective he thanked the doctor by injecting him and his staff with nanites. Stealing a shuttle and taking a few pieces of leftover Borg hardware with him he left to find a new ship to begin again. Drifting in space was a Prometheus class starship that had passed through a radiation field killing the crew on board. He ejected the crew into space and created a loyal holographic crew. To test the new ship he went to Klingon Romulan Cardassian Planet of Galactic Peace Nimbus III and tested his new borg enhanced torpedo systems laying waste to the planet. Taking inspiration from a piece of assimilated information from the other universe he named his ship Ozai after the fire lord. The Fire Bringer of Nimbus then set out to find help to bring about a restoration of the empire.

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Austin  Rockford
November 22 2020 Permalink
Captain Gladiator was born and raised on Vulcan but quickly became annoyed with how the Vulcans seemed weak beside the Terran Empire so after his studies were done he joined the Terran Empire. He quickly got a reputation for brutality and loyalty to the empire. Captain Gladiator was given his command after exposing a plot to assassinate the Emperor and then obliterating the organization who ordered the hit. He has become one of the Empires greatest assets thanks to his dedication to protect the Empire and conquer the worlds the Empire finds useful.

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Jim McLaughlin
November 22 2020 Permalink
Born as a slave, in the Terran Empire, Vuluk found a way to escape the tyranny of his opressors, and made his way to Prime Universe. Upon arriving there, he immediatly requested asylum, with the Federation.

Well aware that Terran operatives, would be hunting him, his only logical course of action was to join Star Fleet and Attend the Academy, where he was recruited by Section 31.

Star Fleet Dosier

************REDACTED by Order of Section 31***********

( See Creativity Forum "Past Present Future")
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Dave (Voleron)
November 26 2020 Permalink



The trance inducing hum of the turbolift vibrated through Commander Voleron's jawbone and into his body, as he stared expressionless at the backs of the crew members standing in front of him, slipping slowly deeper into psychosis with every passing second. Nearly two minutes had lapsed since the occupants of the cabin had entered, seeking passage from bow to stern of the Edison class vessel, but the passage of time was lost on the catatonic first officer. The horizontal transit of the car came to a gentle cessation, with the familiar swish of the opening doors indicating the deposit of a Lieutenant and two Ensigns on deck 12. After a brief moment, the doors slid closed and the turbolift lurched itself forward once again toward its final destination, leaving only Captain Bastian and Voleron as the lone commuters.

As a few moments of silence passed, Captain Bastian caught a glimpse of his ordinarily jovial first officer in the periphery of his vision, and for the first time noticed Voleron's apparent deprivation of senses and sadistic expression. Immediately alarmed, the Captain apprehensively reached out, cautiously placing his hand timidly on his companion's shoulder... "you okay?" the Captain meekly whispered. The tactile contact awoke a feral force within Voleron who grabbed Bastian by the uniform collar, slamming him against the turbolift wall with all the vehemence he could muster, simultaneously unholstering his phaser with opposite hand and jamming it menacingly into his Captain's chest. Faces not inches apart, Voleron's sweaty face, labored breaths and rage-filled expression, squared off against the Captain's look of astonishment and dismay. The same two words reverberated now in Voleron's mind, imploring him to act... but what were those words? How was he to act? His head twitched manically; if only he could remember. He tried to recall... tried to form the sounds by focusing the totality of his concentration on their enunciation, which crescendoed in his mind with every subsequent echo, driving him to near madness. Two words... four syllables... calling to him over and over. Why could he not remember?

Continued below...

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Dave (Voleron)
November 26 2020 Permalink

Voleron awoke panicked, finding himself disrobed and restrained by his hands, neck and ankles on some sort of metal examining table in a cold, dimly lit cave environment, his last memory being that of walking the dimly lit corridors of Deep Space 9 on the way to upper docking pylon two, where the USS Deimos was waiting for him to take his post as the Captain's number one. Trying desperately to orient himself amidst the confusion brought about by his sudden and unexpected change of environment, Voleron attempted to scan the shadowy chamber, but his vision was overcome by a bright operating room style illumination being shone directly into his eyes. A shadowy figure whose features, save that of a ritualistic earring, were obscured by the blinding light emerged.

"As long as you exist, so does the rebellion", spoke the voice from the luminosity.

"What do you want from me?" quivered Voleron, his lower lip tremoring.

"To reach what lays below your polished, Starfleet veneer" said the man. "I've been following your career with great reverence. You'll be a tremendous asset in our righteous quest. One day... one day soon it will all become clear. You're a soldier in this holy war. No more questions - accept what has happened"

A crude cortical conditioner was placed on Voleron's forehead, sending bio-electric shocks through his nervous system, leaving his naked body convulsing on the table. "Follow your instructions", whispered the voice in his ear, sending shivers up his spine.


The words began to become clear in Voleron's mind, as he incrementally set his phaser to maximum; enough to incinerate his Captain on the floor on which he stood.

"Pagh'tem'far, b'tanay!" demanded the words. "This is a holy time. Follow your instructions! Pagh'tem'far, b'tanay!"

But the conditioning couldn't usurp the strength of bond that had developed between Captain and First Officer the past two years. The kind of bond developed through enigmatic rendevous after their duty shifts, unrevealed to Starfleet or the crew, and jeopardizing their careers for their passion. Unable to succeed to his pre-programed commands, Voleron turned his phaser slowly inward, hand shaking and crying in hysteria, unwilling to murder his lover. Gazing into Bastian's intensely blue eyes, Voleron fired the phaser, the searing incandescence being re-directed at the last moment to the turbolift wall, causing the emergency bulkheads to engage and the conveyance to abruptly halt. Voleron collapsed in a sudden loss of consciousness, his essence falling into his Captain's trembling arms. Bastian held him, cradling his head next to his chest, free finally of the Maquis extremist's hold. Bastian, exhausted from the intensity of the moment and with his first officer's spy conditioning now failed and exposed, collapsed onto the floor with lover in arm, smashed his com badge with his free hand, calling out to his medical staff: "Sickbay, medical emergency in turbolift B!". He didn't care who knew now. This was more important than his Captaincy, duty and valor.

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Kevin Gillespie
November 27 2020 Permalink
In a galaxy far far away… near a Bajorian Worm Hole, Captain Janeway of the Terran Empire slowly sips his warm raktajino as he relaxes at Quarks Bar on the Cardassian Star Base Terok Nor. He reflects over the past and the Terran Rebellion victory against the war on The Alliance, which founded the even stronger current Terran Empire that he now serves proudly. He gleams with pride over his newest command assignment as the new Commanding Officer of the Nebula Class Starship USS Reliability. Captain Robert Janeway is the son of the infamous and legendary Captain Katheryn Janeway and her Betazoid husband. Being half telepath has benefited Janeway to avoid treacherous backstabbers throughout his crew and kept him alive throughout his career in the Terran Empire. Janeway was a security officer that quickly rose through the ranks into a command position and has had an enormous amount of battle victories for the Terran Empire, which has turned him into another legend, just as his mother before him. With all the victories under his belt and the glam and glory he has achieved and currently continues to enjoy, the one thing he secretly longs for the most is to marry a strong-willed man to fight alongside him and create a family of strong solider sons and daughters. Throughout his battles, Janeway searches the galaxy to find a worthy opponent to become his husband by his side in battle. He has heavily fortified and thoroughly equipped his new starship at Terok Nor and is ready to thrust himself into battle for even more victorious triumph. Who has the testicular fortitude to challenge the ever so victorious Captain Robert Janeway next?
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George Foley
November 27 2020 Permalink

ISS Cats Paw

An advanced starship built with raided technology. Originally the blue prints for this class of ship smuggled over from the Prime universe through the Intendent.

Monkey being one of her personal chosen cup bearers do to his knack for nanite probes that were specialized in everything from sensing poison to infecting his subjects glandular system allowing him to manipulate the neurochemical of those around him making them more complaint a happy crew is a supple crew has always been his way.
This ship was brought through with the expedition force Stranded here Captain Monkey and Crew are working to find there way back by any means necessary
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Gareth GXV3
November 27 2020 Permalink
Fixed the images for you @utakata , thanks for the submission!!
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Sej @Ereiid
November 27 2020 Permalink

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