Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!



Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

3 weeks ago

Another Stonewall Gaming #WritingContest is upon us and we're excited to announce the theme of our second writing contest of 2019: "Fables of Betrayals!"

Running now through June 30th, 2019, we're inviting all members of SGN to submit a story of their in-game character from their favorite game, whether it be Star Trek Online or any other, but we want you to incorporate the theme of the contest into the very heart of your story!  For our Star Trek fans, you might draw inspiration from such episodes as Voyager's Counterpoint or DS9's Michael Eddington.  Might you be the betrayer or the betrayed??  Maybe your tale of betrayal takes on a noble form, like Michael Burnham's.  In any event, we want you to tug at our heart strings so hard that we can't help but sob uncontrollably in the tub as we read your entries!

We'll share every submission with the entire community for them to enjoy, but we'll also be looking for the top three entries that excel in three criteria that we'll detail below.  This contest is open to all members of the Stonewall community, regardless of which games you play.  We're so very eager for you, Stonewall's amazing writing talents, to once again share your talent and creativity with us and your community!

To participate in Stonewall's "Fables of Betrayals" writing contest, you must post your entry here, in this thread, before day's end on June 30th, 2019.  Please use the #WritingContest hashtag in your entries.  Your posted entry must comply with these additional rules to be eligible:

1.  Your story must in some way relate to one of your in-game characters
2.  Your story must be written in English (so the judges can understand it)
3.  Your story must be your own original work (plagiarism will result in disqualification)
4.  Don't make your story novel length; we need to be able to read it in a single sitting!
5.  The content of your story must not be edited after the submission deadline of June 30th

Only one entry per community member, please.  While we encourage you to include graphics to supplement your Fables of Betrayals, only the written narrative portion of your entry will be judged.  Instructions on how to incorporate graphics in your post can be found by clicking here.

As always, we'll be looking for the THREE stand-out fables among all of the entries.  As we've done in the past, a panel of three judges will individually rate each of the entries in the categories of creativity, detail and impact.  The average of all three judge's rankings of an entry will produce the final score against which, the other entries will be ranked!  The categories are explained in more detail below:

  • Creativity: To what degree is the content original or unique?
  • Detail: To what degree are elements of the story explained in more intricate detail, rather than simply being stated as fact?
  • Impact: To what degree does the story resonate with the reader for a more lasting impact?

The winning contest entries will be recognized on our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds.  We'll also be giving away a participation prize of two Stonewall Credits to all those who enter!  The prize packs are as follows:

First place:
  1. 5 Stonewall Credits, AND, your choice of either:
  2. 20 Master Keys in Star Trek Online, OR
  3. $25.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!

Second place:
  1. 4 Stonewall Credits, AND your choice of either:
  2. 10 Master Keys in Star Trek Online OR
  3. $20.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!

Third place:
  1. 3 Stonewall Credits!
  2. $15.00 Redbubble Gift Card to purchase Stonewall Merchandise!

*Stonewall credits can be saved and/or redeemed for in-game merchandise through the Stonewall Credits Store.

Good luck to all participants!  We can't wait to read your entries!

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Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

3 weeks ago
Recently, PopEye's got my order wrong and forgot my biscuits. Does that count?
Gareth GXV3


Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

3 weeks ago
It's a perfect day

The heat of the sun flared down upon the flat unending sands of the Australian dessert, the heat was almost unbearable even for someone that was born into these lands... Pushing a payload full of gold coins and priceless items was an even harder task.
"hehehe, they didn't even know what hit um.. stole all this right under there noses" said in a heavy cheerful Australian accent as he looked over to his partner who was helping him push the payload. "Uhff" replied his partner, his voice muffled under the mask he was wearing.
"What'da ya think we'll get for all this loot mate? this is the most we've gotten in our life time, fair dinkum! it was the perfect day for some mayhem!"... looking over at the payload he began to calculate how much its all worth, but in vain as as soon as added amounts in his head he was distracted most of the time by his wooden leg getting stuck in the heat cracks of the dry dessert floor.

As they pushed the cart further and further in what seemed like a few hours journey.. they saw their lonely sheltered camp in the distance... "Ughhh unnff" said the very tall and quite large partner of the Australian, For some unexplained reason the Australian had always understood his crime partners grunts having grown up together on the streets of Junkertown, they had formed a close bond, almost like brothers.
They had to learn to fend for themselves while taking care of each other and watching out for each other through the decades.
"Yup, not long now and when we get home we can celebrate with a Tinny and a few bangers on the barbie!.. boy does my leg ache".
A creepy smile formed upon the Australian as he imagined what he could be doing a week from now, now that he can afford to move out of this hell hole.. and perhaps buy their own condo in the paradise city in Numbani, something they had always talked about doing ever since they met all the many years ago.

They had reached there camp... pushed it into an underground shelter and covered it with rocks so any passers by could never spot it.
"first thing in the morning, we'll sell all this loot.. and get ourselves a one way ticket to Numbani, and never want for anything again! I cant wait! just you and me kiddo heheheheheee" expressed the Australian full of glee.
"Ill go and get us some tinnies to drink" said the Australian as he stumbled off towards the camp hut....
His partner turned to look at him walk off, and grabbed his hook weapon from his side and launched it at his Aussie friend, it looped around his waist and with a hard tug, he launched the Aussie back right in front of him.
"what are ya doing mate!" expressed the Australian with panic in his voice.
His partner looked down to him, a muffled laugh crept out from behind his mask.. and said "Eat this!.".. as soon as he said that, he put up his scrap gun and began shooting at his friend while shouting "its roadhog time".
The Australian was pelted with scrap made bullets until he could take no more.. and fell to the floor in a slump.
Looking up at his partner.. with his breath slowly subsiding.. "Why mate.. why did you do that.. we were brothers you and I.. partners in crime, Roadhog and Junkrat the... unstoppable duo..." with his final breath, The Australian simply said "why".. before his eyes closed forever.

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Patrick Aka Trick


Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

2 weeks ago
The Vintaak Job

This was, undoubtedly, one of the happiest days of half-Romulan Praevus Aethra’s young life. Considering much of that life had been spent on the run, trying to evade pursuers sent after him ad inifinitum by the Terran Empire’s Imperial Starfleet, happy days had been a very rare thing for quite some time. However, as he knelt before his beloved Khellian, the most beautiful emerald ring he had ever seen clutched in trembling fingers, he could not remember ever having felt so content, or so hopeful for the future. The “yes” that had just escaped Khellian’s lips had changed everything.

Khellian leaned in closer, a grin beaming across his sun-darkened features, and he held out his hand so Praevus could place the ring on it. Praevus slipped it over his fingertip, sliding it down slowly… until it stuck on Khellian’s knuckle.

Praevus sighed. “Damn it! I knew I should have asked for your ring size, but I didn’t want to give away the surprise.”

Khellian chuckled warmly. “It’s OK. Let me try.”

Khellian struggled with the ring for several moments, but it quickly became clear that it wasn’t going to fit his finger. He eventually had to give up trying to force it and slipped the ring into his pocket.

“It’s beautiful, Praevus,” Khellian exclaimed, leaning in for a kiss. "Once we get it sized I’ll never take it off again.”

One long, slow kiss later, Khellian spoke again. “As wonderful as this has been, you know we really should talk about the job.”

Praevus had to admit Khellian was right. Money was tight, and they were going to need a lot more if he and Khellian were going to have any kind of real life together. They couldn’t keep running forever, but if they could get their hands on the Vintaak Records, they’d be set for life. What had really happened when the ISS Enterprise was destroyed in its clash with the USS Defiant and the Tholians at the Vintaak system was a closely guarded secret by Imperial Starfleet, and there would be no shortage of people willing to pay a hefty price for authentic logs from the wreckage of the Enterprise.

Most of the rest of the evening was spent planning the heist. The records were being held nearby at Imperial Intelligence. It was going to be a difficult job, but not impossible. There would be the usual guards and alarm systems to get past, and Praevus knew there would be several deadly traps to disarm or avoid as well. Fortunately, the right lips had been loosened and Praevus and Khellian were in possession of a rather detailed set of plans for the facility that should allow them to reach the vault unscathed.

Neither of them had much experience with cracking vaults, however, so they were going to need a third man. That’s where Sebastian would come in. If Sebastian couldn’t open those vault doors, they were impregnable. He was also a known factor: Sebastian had frequently been a third in Praevus and Khellian’s bed over the years, and there were few people the two of them knew better, or more intimately, than Sebastian.

Many hours later, when the last details of the job had been discussed and finalized, Praevus and Khellian retired to the bedroom to enthusiastically celebrate their engagement.


The job had gone almost exactly as planned. Except for one unexpected encounter with a patrolling guard, which was rapidly solved by a mild and very precise use of force, the trio of Praevus, Khellian and Sebastian had reached the vault doors. While Sebastian rigged a series of cobbled-together electronic devices to the door’s locking mechanism and Khellian monitored the building’s security feeds on a tricorder, Praevus slowly patrolled the hallway for more immediately present dangers.

After what seemed like hours, and may actually have been, Sebastian let out a whispered cry of victory. There was an audible click, and the door to the vault swung open slowly.

The three men entered the vault, and quickly found the shelf where the Vintaak Records were said to be stored.

“Allow me,” Praevus grinned, and fired a short blast of phaser fire at the door closing off access to the shelf, blasting a hole just large enough for a hand to fit inside. He reached in and felt something cold and metallic. It would not fit through the hole, but fortunately he could reach the interior latch with his hand, and with a flick of his fingers managed to unlock the door. Inside was a box which, Praevus could tell after a quick inspection, was quite likely to be a recording device from the bridge of a starship. While the exterior was seriously damaged, it appeared to be intact, and the engraving of “I.S.S. Enterprise” along one side was still barely visible.

Praevus felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, knocking him to the floor. He lost his grip on the box and it tumbled across the floor of the vault. Barely conscious and blinded with pain, he could focus on nothing while he heard the unmistakable sound of a hand phaser powering up.

“No, Sebastian. Don’t!” It was Khellian’s voice.

Sebastian’s voice replied. “I guess you’re right. We can just close the door behind us when we go, and Imperial Intelligence will find him eventually.”

Praevus’s vision was slowly clearing, though he could only make out vague shapes as he lay on the floor, the pain in his head crippling him and preventing him from standing. He watched helplessly as Khellian left the vault, followed closely by Sebastian, who only paused a moment to reach behind him and pull the vault door closed with his left hand. On that hand, Sebastian wore the most beautiful emerald ring Praevus had ever seen.

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James McCaster


Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

4 days ago
Dishonored Family

A young klingon was in her home packing her belongings. Her hands carefully fold each peace of clothing, rolling it in a tight roll, and placing each item in her bags. In the door way another young klingon woman stood watching her.
“Gija, do you have everything you need for tomorrow?”
“Yes I do. All my belongings are packed and ready to go L'soa”
L'soa nodded and left the room for bed. Gija stood there a moment re-looking everything over. She walks through her home remembering when she moved in with L'soa. The two met in combat training. Gija was younger by a few years but could take most older klingons in a fight. L'soa challenged Gija to a sparing match test her strength. The fight didn't last long before L'soa stood over Gija with both covered in cuts and blood panting. The crowd cheered as Gija stood. proud, Gija stood tall knowing she learned much from L'soa. L'soa offered to help Gija with her combat training expressing she saw great promise in Gija's strength and ability. After months of training together and many drops of blood shared L'soa challenged her again in a public sparing match to show how Gija had grown. The match went on for hours, both we covered in cuts and bruises. Blood ran down both of their faces and bodies. Gija laughing as she fights, L'soa doing the same. Gija held her blade high and lunged L'soa fell to the ground and Gija held the batleth above her. L'soa smiled and stood as the crowed cheered loudly.

That night to celebrate her victory Gija and L'soa shared blood wine. The two spoke for hours at L'soa's house. Gija, after many drinks, admitted to L'soa she had begun to feel parmaq for her. L'soa nodded to Gija and they moved in close to each other. The two shared a passionate night together and in time decided to marry.

Gija went into her room and climbed into bed with L'soa. Thinking of fond memories she quickly fell into slumber. As she rose the next morning L'soa already had food laid out on the table and the weapon chest ready to be picked up Gija sat down to eat one final meal with her wife before heading off to the ship yard. Not many words were spoken that morning, but not many needed to be. They both knew it would be a long time before they would see each other again but did not want the other to leave with any hardships. Gija rose from her chair to clean her dish. Still silent she gave L'soa a small nod as she gathered her things and headed for the door. L'soa standing there watching her leave she held her gaze showing Gija that she was just as strong as the day they met 6 years prior.

Gija made her way to the ship yard. She saw many others boarding their designated vessels to reach their assigned ships. Crates of weapons and personal belongings were being boarded as well. She walked until she found her younger sister Marisol. Marisol was a young half klingon half human. Her father was Marcarov Asano, a young independent freighter captain. She was raised mostly by Gija after their mother passed away from an unknown illness when Marisol was 4 years of age. Gija was granted one request before accepting her role as Captain of the Ning'tao class bird of prey the I.K.S Jev ’I’SeghIm. Gija asked that her sister continue her combat training aboard the ship with her while serving at a recrute status. After deliberation the request was accepted.

As Gija approached her sister she noticed her first officer N'etar was next to her. Gija greated them both.

“Marisol, N'etar is the crew ready?”
“Yes captain everyone is aboard,” replied N'etar, “ The I.K.S Jev 'T'SeghIm is an old raider ship that the captian failed to bring honor to. Acording to the logs the previous captian, a T'Volk, fled from a battle that would have protected many klingon people. His act lead to the deaths of many non combative recrutes and even some civilian housing. The ship was brought back here and the captian and crew were all sentanced to exicution for dishonorable conduct.”

Gija nodded and motion for them to fallow her. Their vessel brought them to her ship after a short while. Upon entering the ship Gija moved to address her crew. She stood tall and proud grabbing a glass of wine and holding it up.

“Listen! This ship has brought dishonor to many families! We will fight to bring all those who fell because of T'Volk's cowardice honor again and to restore honor to this ship! With me as your captain we will be victorious! We will show everyone that HIS dishonor will never harm another soul!”

The crew cheered as they roughly clashed their glasses together and drank their wine and ate their first meals aboard the ship. Gija retreated to her room to prepare for their departure. She placed her belongings in the dressers and on the desks. She grabbed her personal weaponry and attached them to her side. Gija heard a knock at her door and when the door opened she saw her sister.

“Yes Marisol,” Gija addressed her.
“G....uh...Captain Gija the ship is ready to depart and your presence is requested on the bridge,” Marisol said stumbling on her words.

Gija nodded placing on hand on Marisol's shoulder then making her way on to the bridge. The ship departed and they left to explore. Their mission? They were sent to make sure that their raid groups and boarders had support at any moment. Gija received a hail a few days into the mission. An older male klingon told her that a few small ships fell in battle and she was to report to their location to assist in battle. She obliged and off they went.

Upon her arrival Gija saw the wreckage of many ships, both federation and klingon alike. She cloaked her ship and made she way to find the raid group. After a few moments she found two ships one of the empire and one of the federation. They seemed to both be down for repairs. She moved in close and ordered her helmsman to open a disguised communication channel to the other klingon ship.
Once the hail was answered she realized the klingon was not the one who had summoned her.

“Do you require assistance? My crew is armed and ready,” Gija asked the younger male.
“Yes we do. Our captain has fallen in combat and we require assistance defeating the federation ship,” he replied to her question.

Gija gave her order to hail the federation vessel.

“They are not answering Captain,” her helmsman exclaimed
“Then keep trying,” She shouted!

The helmsman nodded and tried a few more times. In time the federation ship answered the hail.

“This is the captain of the U.S.S Symphony”
“Captain surrender and prepare to be boarded! If you do not we will fire on your ship,” Gija replied to the captain.

“I am sorry but we can not do that,” replied the captain.

Gija ended the hail and ordered her ship to fire to destroy the federation ship. As the ship was destroyed Gija ordered a boarding party to assist in any repairs the other klingon vessel. Once repairs were completed they moved a good distance into Empire territory.

Gija entered her quarters and began making her report. She made a detailed report and made sure to tell of the honorable death of the klingon captain. She sent her report in and decided to turn in for the night. She had a difficult time for the next few months. Countless hails on the Empire boarders came in. Many patrol ships had failed their missions and tails of Gija's triumphs and bravery were the talk of many. She and her crew brought honor to her ships name once more. In the final weeks of their mission before returning home Gija gave her farewell speech.

“ We have accomplished many things these last few months, tales of our victorious battles against the Federation will be told for years to come! Be proud of these victories! You and helped bring honor not only to each of your houses but to this ship again! No longer will this ship be known as a traitors ship but as the ship that brought the empire honor and many victories!”

Her crew cheered as the drank blood whine. Marisol stood in the corner jealous of the praise her sister was getting. Over the last few months Marisol's anger and jealousy grew for Gija and she began to despise the one who raised her. She hatched a plan to get rid of Gija and she didn't care for the consequences of her actions.

On the final day Gija was making her patrol rounds along the boarder. When she found nothing she gave the order to return home. Marisol who always stood behind her pulled out her pistol and aimed it to Gija's head.

“DON”T MOVE,” Marisol yelled!
“What are you doing Marisol,” Gija said calmly?
“I.....I am tired of hearing YOU'RE tales! Of YOU'RE stories and YOU'RE victories! I am tired of living in your shadow!,” Marisol placed her finger on the trigger,” Well no longer!”
“Marisol if you do this........”

Gija's voice stopped as Marisol pulled the trigger killing the young captain. The crew stood there in shock.

“GET THIS SHIP HOME NOW,” Marisol screamed!

The crew listened and returned home. L'soa waited eagerly to see her wife once again but she only saw Marisol exit the ship. With out a word Marisol went right up to a superior officer out of L'soa's hearing range and told them what happened and what she did. She showed only anger towards Gija and no remorse for her murder. L'soa watched them carry a body out of the ship covered by a cloth. L'soa began to get angry and demanded to know what Marisol told the officer. The officer told her what had happened and that Marisol would she trial the next day.

L'soa sat as the trail for Gija's murder went on. Testimonies from the crew confirmed what Marisol had confessed and after hours of deliberation a punishment was decided. Marisol would be exiled to Rura Penthe. Gija's honor remained in tact and L'soa went on with life helping train Klingon recruits.

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Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

8 hours ago
The night is June 30th...The air was still and peaceful.




Kiki'Tlan swung round in confusion,
"What was that sound?" he asked aloud, however his senior staff had disappeared and he was left alone.


The noises were getting closer, panic started to set into the Jemhadar...


Was the sound made as the Jem'Hadar reached for his weapon only to discover his sturdy holster was empty...

"Oh for the love of the white..." he muttered under his breath, heart racing in panic, realising he was defenceless.

Then suddenly a shadowed figure appeared!

The warrior could not make out what it was or who it was, all he knew was that it was coming straight at him at speed!

Before he could react it had knocked him to the floor and the face he saw shocked him!

For it was the admiral of the hour! Voleron!

With a knife to his throat and the monsters head by his ear, he was paralysed in shock.

"It's another writing competitionnnnnn...." the voice creepily whispered in his ear

That's when he screamed.


Suddenly the Jem'Hadar awoke to the sight of His Lord Admiral Zandor, looking at him puzzled.

"What's the matter Kierix?" He questioned in his casual tone

"I...Had a nightmare of another writing contest, sir..." he replied back slightly dazed.

"Don't Worry, You won't win it." The admiral replied back, turning to the officer revealing a smile wide and full of sharp pointed teeth.

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Rich Ryan


Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

5 hours ago
T'Cael sighed deeply. This patrol couldn't end soon enough. Unlike previous ones, it had no emergencies, no world-ending crisis, and no hope at all of relieving the crushing tedium piling up day after too long day. The lift doors opened and he entered the Command Deck of Fai'col Ryakna.

"Fair morning, Riov. My report is ready and awaits your command."
"Thank you, Subcommander, and the same to you. Please conduct your end of watch report at once."

"Fai'col Ryakna is sound on all decks, compartments and stations, Riov. No crew are injured or sick. We are currently on schedule and enroute to the next control point of our patrol. The warbird we are to rendezvous with there, Hakeev's Pain, reported at mid watch they are on schedule as well. So our personnel and supplies transfer should occur on time. No unexplained or enemy contacts are within range of our sensors. No distress calls recieved. In short, a quiet watch. For which I am grateful, Riov. This was a pleasant alternative to our usual excitement."

T'Cael could not quite keep the quirk of annoyance off his face.
"Anything else before I relieve you of the conn, Subcommander?"

"Yes, Riov. I nearly forgot. About two hours into my watch, there was a series of subspace comm bursts near Fai'col Ryakna. They were on a very low frequency which the Fleet seldom uses except at very short range. They lasted for approximately one minute, eighteen seconds. They did not repeat nor reoccur. A recording of them detected no pattern. They were gibberish, Riov. After two hours, I directed Signals to discontinue analysis and log them as background static normal to this part of NearSpace."

"Why was I not notified at once, Subcommander? There are standing instructions in the Watch Log about such things, as I recall."
"Because Riov, Signals and I determined the subspace emanation originated from Quasar 36-Y-18Beta."
"Explain further."

"Riov my Academy Scholia and training are Science. Quasars are known to emit regular bursts of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum and across subspace as well. Upon looking at the readings recorded by Signals, I determined the signal was part of the normal 'chatter' produced by a quasar. I judged you would not take kindly to being awakened simply because a failing star decided to speak to us as we passed by."

The relief on the Subcommander's face was obvious as a bright bubble of laughter burst forth from T'Cael. "I need some shore leave and soon", T'Cael thought. "When I am about to put a junior member of my Command Team on report for something like this, I have been away from Mol'Rihan too long. And if I've been away too long, what does this say for my soldiers?"
"Very well, Subcommander. You judged correctly, or got lucky in this case. Please remember this incident some day when you are the commander of a Republic War-" The Alert horns began their shrill scream. Sensors shouted across the command deck.

"Riov! Contact decloaking off starboard! Its weapons and targeting sensors are hot and active! Threat profile identifies it as, as Tal'shiar!"
"I have the conn! Helm, port two five mark plus thirty, execute! All soldiers, this is T'Cael! Action Stations! First Officer, to Combat Control! Weapons, bring our cannons and torpedo launchers online at once! Stand by for my command to engage! Flight, launch Ready Fives! All others as soon as possible! Signals, send a contact report to Fleet!" The quick chorus of confirmation responses was interrupted by Signals.

"Hostile is jamming subspace, Riov! Unable to get off a contact report to Fleet at this time!" There was a pause and Signals spoke again, "The Tal'shiar warbird is hailing us!"

"Rebel trash! Stop all engines! Power down your weapons and shields! Prepare to be boarded! You are hereby arrested for treason against the rightful government of the Romulan people! All Warbirds, cease cloaking!"

Two more Tal'shiar vessels shimmered into view, their weapons pods bright with barely contained energies.
"This is T'Cael. All stop! Power down weapons and shields! Tal'shiar commander, Fai'col Ryakna and her soldiers await your instructions."
"What?! Those ancient scows are no match for us, Riov!"
"But there are enough of them to kill or injure some of you. They currently have the advantage over us. So wasting lives to return to even stakes is not something I choose. Stand down."
"As ordered, Riov."

A transporter effect whined at the aft end of the command deck. As it ceased, the Tal'shiar officer from the hail and several soldiers appeared.
"You are in charge of this pitiful collection of traitors and cowards?"
"I am."
"Your day cabin. We will go there now. No one other than you and I."
"By your order."

Several minutes later. T'Cael and the commander were in T'Cael's day cabin. T'Cael observed the Imperial's body language unobtrusively. The man was tense and his eyes were restless. He moved at odd moments and in unexpected ways.
"I have no idea how to say this except as directly as possible. I desire to leave the Tal'shiar and join the Republic. Along with my crew. The past few cycles have been difficult. We have done terrible things in the name of the Empress and the Empire. Innocents have died or been punished for things they...they did not do. The leadership no longer protects the Declared. Instead they desperately cling to whatever power they have and only seek to gain more. By any means possible. No scrap of control is left lying unused. No task is too bloody. No life standing between them and whatever power they crave currently is safe. And I, I have had enough. More than enough. I am tired of killing Rihannsu to protect the masters I serve currently."

"You have three ships to my one. Their weapons are online and ready. You ordered us to take our weapons and shields offline. Obviously, not all of your soldiers are willing to follow you in joining the Republic or we would not be having this conversation. Equally obviously, you have a solution to the impasse we are currently at. What is it?"

"My warbird will put a towing beam on yours with my other two warbirds taking up escort positions. I will transport the soldiers loyal to me aboard your ship to act as guards. At the appropriate moment, the towing beam will fail due to an unexpained EPS conduit power feedback into my ship's primary power circuits and both of our ships will be pulled from warp before the others realize. In the minutes before they return, my remaining loyal soldiers will beam aboard your warbird. Which will then destroy my vessel and make an escape."

"It is a bold plan. You have thought about this a great deal. It is also the only plan you have. So like it or not, I will go along with it. Is there any sort of cover along your route where a search for Fai'col Ryakna would be difficult?"

"There is a nebula along the course back to the Empire which is about a day and a half's travel time from here at low warp. That will be the place where we act. Thank you, Riov. I will rest easier tonight knowing the evil I have done will soon be behind me. It will always be with me. But it will not continue."


A gentle tug downward and to starboard indicated the Tal'shiar towing beam had locked onto Fai'col Ryakna. T'Cael reached for the comm button to instruct Varama to assign some of her engineering soldiers to inspect the inertial dampeners and then thought better of it.

"Riov, we are being hailed by the Tal'shiar commander."
"Answer him."

The viewer showed the commander comfortably seated on the command deck of his warbird. It also showed the nasty smirk splayed across his features.

"Ah. Hello again, Riov. I am comming you to express my delight at how trusting and simple minded you were during our conversation. I am not leaving the Tal'shiar. Nor am I joining the Republic. Instead, you and you soldiers will stand trial for treason and then be executed. Your fine warbird will be repurposed to serve the guardians of the Empire and the Declared. The gullability of Republic soldiers when they hear one of us wants to defect is my favorite quality of you fools. And all of you seem to have it in abundance. Have you any words on this unforseen and unknowable change of affairs?"

"No. Not really. Except for these. This is T'Cael. Close the trap. The serpents have eaten the bait."
Five plasma torpedoes, angry and red, appeared. They hit the escorts very nearly simultaneously. Unshielded, their hulls melted under the barrage as the plasma scorched its way through deck after deck. Fires guttered into open space from open decks until the oxygen ran out. Clouds of debris, gaseous as first and solidifying quickly in the absolute cold, spun away in slow arcs from the now destroyed warbirds. The look on the Tal'shiar commander's face went from assured to wild panic instantly.

"Wait! Wait! Riov! This can still be resolved simply! What we discussed can happen as I said it would! Stop and think before you do something rash!"

As the trio of Republic warbirds swung about onto a firing vector towards the now solitary Tal'shiar vessel, T'Cael spoke.

"Using the quasar to hide ships is a clever tactic, is it not? Quite a few Republic ships have disappeared near here over the past few months. You never expected us to figure it out, did you? And now, now you are willing to remove your fangs and join us. After it appears you have no other choice. How convenient for you. The problem with removing the fangs of a serpent? They always grow back. This is T'Cael. All ships, fire."
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Lars Zandor


Writing Contest: Fables of Betrayals!

4 hours ago
Happy Birthday

“Transporting now, Admiral,” the new transporter officer of the R.R.W Anarhai said. The last one had died during a battle with the Iconians (or so the records say). Fleet Admiral Ghaelhan Laris was waiting for his last guest to arrive on his ship. As the green shimmer of the transporter faded away, a Klingon Dahar Master had appeared on the transporter pad.
The transporter officer immediately got their weapon, aimed it at the Klingon and warned her.
“Throw your d’k tahg on the ground!”
Ghaelhan turned to the lieutenant and back to the unimpressed Klingon woman. She indeed had a d’k tahg dagger stuck in her belt. Ghaelhan turned back to the lieutenant and said:
“Dahar Master Kolinna is a dear friend, lieutenant. She has earned the right to wear her d’k tahg anywhere on my ship if she so pleases.”
The transporter officer calmly said “yes, sir,” while putting away their weapon.
“Ghaelhan, what a welcome!” the Kolinna shouted enthusiastically. She sprinted of the transporter pad and hugged Ghaelhan tightly (despite being at least a decade younger, she was still a head taller than him, so Ghaelhan’s feet came off the floor a bit). After Kolinna let go, Ghaelhan finally managed to speak (while checking his spine for any broken bones):
“Kolinna, good to see you too! No doubt you want to see my sister. She’s in my quarters with Kurat’Aklan.”
“Kurat is here already? It’s time for the bloodwine to arrive then!” Kolinna turned to the transporter officer who just now still had their weapon aimed at her and continued: “I have a barrel of 2391 on the PltSa’Chab. Beam it directly to the Admiral’s quarter, will you.” It was formulated as a question, but Kolinna’s tone made it clear that it wasn’t. As she walked out of the transporter room, she said: “I’ll see you in your quarters, Ghaelhan. I want to see my wife and it’s time for a party.”
“If only you knew,” Ghaelhan thought.

Ghaelhan first had to check if his plans for the evening were all on schedule, so he first went to an unused cargo bay. Or unused only as far as his crew was aware. When he entered, ten Tal Shiar officers stood before him.
“Everyone is here now. In twenty minutes, it’s your turn.” Ghaelhan said calmly. The Tal Shiar Subcommander responded:
“Understood. If this succeeds, you will be the new right hand of Empress Sela. Are you used to being called Colonel Ghaelhan yet?”
Without saying a word, Ghaelhan walked past the Subcommander to a console on the wall.
“The explosive device is active, and the transporter device seems to be in place.” Ghaelhan swiped the panel to the left and a security cam from his quarters appeared. Dahar Master Kolinna and Ghaelhan's sister, Rhianna, were holding hands while they were talking with Kurat'Aklan. Kolinna’s barrel of bloodwine had been transported to a corner near the windows.
“The barrel needs to move.” The Subcommander’s annoying voice interrupted Ghaelhan’s train of thought.
“Moving it would be suspicious,” Ghaelhan said. “I’ll just have to make sure the barrel won’t be in the way when the time comes. I’ll go there now. We have only fifteen minutes left.”
As Ghaelhan walked towards the cargo bay exit, the Subcommander had one last demand:
“Make sure your sister is among the dead. We can’t have Hakeev's killer walking around freely.”

Five minutes later, Ghaelhan entered his quarters. In spite of what he was about to do, his warm smile when seeing his sister and closest friends, was genuine. They guided him into the room, but somehow they kept him out of range of the transporter device. Everyone stood around him, each wishing him a happy birthday.
“Brother, I have a birthday present for you!” Rhianna said. She held a bottle of wine in her hands. “It’s Chateau Picard!”
“My favourite! Thank you, Rhianna!” Ghaelhan was actually happy with this present, even though he could enjoy it for only a short time.
“I’ll pour a glass for you,” Rhianna decided.
“Pour a glass for everyone!” Ghaelhan enthusiastically said. The wine would be gone in less than ten minutes anyway, together with everyone and everything else in his quarters, so no need to keep it all for himself, as he usually would.
While Rhianna was still pouring the wine for the other guests, Ghaelhan decided to take his first swig.

Immediately Ghaelhan felt something was wrong. He became dizzy and the room was spinning. While trying to keep his balance and grasping for something to hold on, Ghaelhan dropped his glass. Somehow he managed to see that something changed hands between Kolinna and Rhianna.
“What was in tha- What are you do-”
Full sentences were not a possibility anymore for Ghaelhan.
Suddenly he felt a hand on his chin, forcing his head to face a certain direction. He looked right into Rhianna’s eyes - which were suddenly filled with hate. Ghaelhan had only ever seen that hatred in her eyes when she saw
“The Tal Shiar. How could you join them, brother? After everything they took from us? After everything we fought for together?” Ghaelhan suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen and fell to his knees. When he looked down, he saw Kolinna’s d’k tahg sticking out of his stomach, green blood pouring out of the wound.
“You disgust me, brother,” were Rhianna’s last words to Ghaelhan as she pulled the d’k tahg out of the wound (his blood poured out and covered her hands) and brought it to his throat.

As if on queue, the door opened and D’Vex and a Jem’Hadar entered Ghaelhan’s quarters, right after Rhianna had slit Ghaelhan’s throat.
“I assume you were victorious then?” Dahar Master Kolinna asked them. D’Vex answered first.
“We were. Tovan led a tactical team and defeated the Tal Shiar officers after a short firefight. Three survived and are in the brig now.”
“I shrouded during the fight and looked for the explosive device. It is neutralized now and being removed by one of the Anarhai’s engineering teams,” the Jem’Hadar reported.
“Well done, Lamso’Clan. Go back to the ship. I will return shortly,” First Kurat’Aklan told his Operations officer.
“Who knew a bloodwine barrel is useful for smuggling Jem’Hadar onto a ship.” Kolinna said a bit more excitedly than she should in this situation.
Meanwhile, Commander Rhianna Laris got out her disruptor and shot the transporter device hidden by the bloodwine barrel by the window. She then walked to a communication console and hailed Admiral Kererek.
“The operation has succeeded. All infiltrators are either dead or captured,” she reported.
“And your brother?” Kererek asked. Rhianna held up her bloodied hand in response. Kererek's shoulders relaxed, as if a weight had just fallen off them. “This was a sad day for the Republic, Commander. I still wonder what caused him to turn to the Tal Shiar. I preferred you had kept him alive for questioning, but I’ll stand by your decision.
And now another decision has to be made. Of course you will get command of the Anarhai, but we also have a spot for a new Admiral now. It's yours, if you will have it...”
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