Tourma Rivers


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

It's amazing what a year makes.

• STO                           - I come and go
• Destiny 2                   - PC, but Probably waiting to see what comes this fall.
× Dauntless                  - Not a lot of staying power for me
× Overwatch                 - WOW has Blizzard burned a lot of bridges over the past year
× ATLAS                       - Never really got it to run well.
× MTG Arena                - Standard's yearly shift took it out of me.
• Final Fantasy XIV (PC) - Farie server.  Surprisngly fun, though we'll see what I say when the monthly fees start coming.
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Elaiya Blackthorne


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

4 days ago
Not really into multiplayer, but speaking of which, really intrigued in the new Minecraft Dungeons since it has a multiplayer and all, and seems like an interesting crafting game although I used to think less of it


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

5 days ago
The MMOs I am currently playing was
  • Dota2
  • Counter-Strike
  • PUB-G
  • Tantra
  • Fortnite

The games I stopped playing
  • Conquer
  • League of Legends
  • Apex
  • Minecraft

I am also doing this at Tree removal pros port st lucie fl
Christopher Triana


Star Trek Fleet Command (mobile game)

1 week ago
If Stonewall starts a fleet there, please let us know. I'll transfer over.
Gareth GXV3


Create your own STO Apparel

1 week ago
Some Redbubble discount codes to try at checkout.

SUBSURF15 - 15% off your order
10FORYOU - 10% off your first order
INTERESTS - 20% off your order
IEARNEDIT - 10% off your order
RBC-B15VWDHD - 15% off your order
11FORYOU - 11% off your order
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Gareth GXV3


Create your own STO Apparel

1 week ago

Have you ever thought of wearing your favourite Ship that you fly in game? Sipping from your own STO merch? Snuggling up with a picture of your toon on a blanket? well now you can!!

If you didn't already know, SGN has its own NON profit merchandise store, which some of our members have been ordering from since its creation a year ago. (we take no money from it, in-turn that gives you the lowest price possible)
its got its own section in the #SWCstore website here:

As some of the items are a year old now.. we thought why not shake the SGN redbubble store up a bit, and let you design your own apparel!

IF you are 100% interested and serious about ordering your own Design Read the instructions below.
(if you cant really afford it just now, then maybe give it a miss, and I wont have to spend time making something you may not order)

To that end.. if your ok to spend some cash on an item of your very own toon, read below on how you can send in your own screenshots and we will do the rest!

We will only run this custom apparel for just for 4 weeks starting now, If you submit your screenshots in, you will only have 3 days to order it from the special link I will provide to you via DM, or the design will disappear from the store.

- Take a print screen of your ship (see guide below)
- Take a print screen of your toon (see guide below)
- Send to GXV3 over Discord (PM me on this site if you don't use our SGN discord)
- Include the name of your ship and fraction
- I'll add your ship/ship name/toon to the design & upload to SGN redbubble
- When done, ill send you your own link to all your personalised merch

The key to getting your Ship & Toons image just right for a Tshirt/mug/hoodie etc.. is the secret of a blank backdrop behind your ship & Toon...


With that! your ship image is now done!!


With that! your Characters image is now done!!
you can find your screenshots in your STO root file..
{Local path to program normally C:}\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots\ 

The reason why I need you to follow the guide above is that
 some places in STO are quite dark, and a busy backdrop will make it harder for me personally to cut your image from the picture.


Now that your Screenshots have been taken of your favourite ship & toon... all you need to do now is PM me them (GXV3) on discord.
I'll need to only know the name of your Ship... and What fraction you are with, KDF, FED or ROM (JEM will be coming soon if in demand)
REMEMBER: only if you are very serious about buying your from the SGN redbubble store only send in your screenshots and info, as it will take me a lot of time to make them.
I will then put your images onto the design and upload to redbubble.. and I will supply you with all your links once its complete, all set up, just ready for you to order your hoodie.. flask.. anything you like.

it should look a little something like this...

In Brief:
- Choose just one of your Favorite Characters & Ship
- Follow the Screenshots guide above
- Contact GXV3 via discord and send him the images of your ship & toon plus ship name & Fraction
- Wait
- GXV3 will contact you within a few days with your very own link to your design on the SGN redbubble store
- Order whatever item/s you want with your own design on from redbubble
- wait for the parcel!

Again, please only ask for a design to be made if you are very serious about ordering, so we don't waste time :D


Designs will only stay on the store for 3 days if you haven't ordered, please follow the guide above for screenshots, it may take a few days for gxv3 to supply you with your personal link. the design template cannot be altered.

Google for money off codes for redbubble here is one for 20% off "INTERESTS"
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May'Qep Reports

1 week ago
Wow! This looks definitely. Thanks for sharing these pictures. You da best!
George Knepper


X needs an Invite

2 weeks ago
Hello guys,

I have two chars on Imp side (Georvus, and Hrandiaru) and two on the Pub side (Aeorvus and Vrandiaru) that need invites on the Satele Shan server. I am on most days between noon EDT and 11 pm EDT. All characters are able to get to their respective fleets at this point.


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Your-O-Vision 2020

2 weeks ago
Thank you for a wonderful show!
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Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

2 weeks ago
I do play a lot. I want to play more games.
Currently playing:
  • Dragon nest SEA
  • NBA2k20
  • DOTA2
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Paladins

I played before:
  • Conquer
  • Star Conflict
  • Warframe
  • Eudemons
  • Rakion
  • Tantra
  • AION

I want to see more MMORPG games and play. Concrete Augusta GA
Thoron #8824


Your-O-Vision 2020

2 weeks ago
A big Thank you for everyone involved with organizing it!
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Ted Hembach


Your-O-Vision 2020

2 weeks ago
We took it away! Your-O-Vision 2020 is over, and it was a fabulous and gorgeous event. Thank you all for attending and participating, we were a huge crowd of good-looking fan fun folks on Risa! We had several amazing events, and here are the awesome winners:

Eurovision Starquiz

  1. Kontxesi 13,2 points
  2. hoar 12,2 points
  3. Gxv3 11,2 points
  4. sellinodan 10,2 points
  5. yaris8 9,2 points
  6. tinkerghost & clockenfrau 8,6 points
  7. laceyrand 8,2 points
  8. satyrgrin 2,6 points

Your-o-Vision Fashion Contest

Watch all entries in this photoset!

Category Show Host
  1. NikoLunus
  2. clockenfrau
  3. GXV3 & hoar

Category Protection Outfit
  1. hoar
  2. GXV3
  3. NikoLunus

Category Eurovision Fan
  1. hoar
  2. NikoLunus
  3. clockenfrau

Eurovision Title Story

Read all stories in this thread!

  • GXV3
  • Voleron
  • calx

Stonewall's Eurovision Your-o-Vision Voting

Watch the animated scoreboard here!

  1. Azerbaijan 74 points
  2. Russia 72 points
  3. Sweden 48 points

See you all next year at Stonewall's Your-O-Vision 2021, presented by the Ted's!
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Audio Red


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

2 weeks ago
Anyone play Final Fantasy 14? 


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

3 weeks ago
Felt happy to see people here with the same interest that I have when it comes to choosing the best multiplayer games. I usually cant take my eyes off these games: 

  • Warframe
  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity
  • Dauntless (just start)

If interested, you can click here and we can do live streaming.


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

3 weeks ago
Please include NBA2K20 and UNO here. Those are the games I am currently hooked up aside from this list:
  • Destiny 2 (just start)
  • Star Conflict
  • Warframe

You can also see more of my favorites click here.


Multiplayer Games You Are Playing?

May 12 2020
I really love to play multiplayer games especially online games. It shows how you cooperate with others and how friendly you in other players. 

I currently play:
  • Dragon Nest SEA
  • DOTA2 
  • Mobile Legends
  • PUBG Lite
  • Call of Duty Online Mobile

Games I played before but hard to access and stopped:
  • Blade and Soul (China)
  • Blade and Soul SEA
  • Paladins
  • Overwatch
  • Conquer Online
  • Dota1
  • Conquer Private Servers

And I'm having a bit fun click here.
Gareth GXV3


KeyBay - STO & more giveaway Codes

May 07 2020
ohhh amazing thanks... Ill let the @ freegames role people know on our discord
Ted Hembach


May'Qep Reports

May 02 2020

We had a glorious Fun-PvP under the lead of our new Fleetcaptain NikoLunus! All fighters, except for the House of Nagh'reD leadership, will receive 1 Stonewall Credit (SWC) as token for their participation. The fighters were @ceruleanjade and @Dutch2010! Good fight!

We heard great battle songs and operas from @hippiepunk, @kierix, NikoLunus, Xuli and TedHembach! Xuli will be rewarded with 1 SWC. Read the stories in the next Stonewall Times!

We then made fights for new songs, defended Rh'Ihho Station and rescued Qonos from the Herald troops! Victory was ours! Qapla'!

The random SWC was won by Xuli. Congratulations! 
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