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Pokémon GO's Notes

Gareth GXV3


it seems my iphone 6 is now classed as old & will no longer let me play poke-go :( traveling im ok.. but it wont let me go into a gym, it crashes.
Anna Baldur


I finally managed to get the game going! Feel free to add me, guys :D 0827 5416 5394
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Feel free to add me
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I can’t get the image to upload. :(

My code: 8800 4604 1326
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Gareth GXV3


My pokemon inventory space is all full and my items bag is all full to the brim.. thats why i haven't been opening or sending gifts, im sorry. i should buy more space i guess.
however i caught a load of cute Pikachus with hats and sunglasses today... all females though booo
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Michael Minks-Bungard


Hey everyone,

Here is mine and my BF's Friend code for Pokemon Go.

Mine : 5686 0908 9300

Bf's: 9931 3045 5154
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Soroshi Dehan


8312 9381 4079 is me for anyone still interested.
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Gareth GXV3


Share your POGO Trainer code here.
just write it out.. or if you want to screen shot it.. or share any screen shot.. just press the "Note" button at the top of the text box, and change it to "photo". and upload!
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Apakuki Vave


Hey Guys, Havent played Go in a while, feel free to add me for gifts from NZ... 6817 5189 0842
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Gareth GXV3


Remember fellow trainers. Double stardust on catches and hatches from today until the 13th nov. I need all the sparkle dust I can! Good hunting
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Patrick Aka Trick


To those of you on my friends list -- glad I was able to shower you with gifts while I was in Las Vegas with a room right on top of five pokestops. However, now I'm back in Texas and working from home, so I hope you got some good stuff before the supply dried up. :P
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Daniel Beardsall


Hello! I've added some of you already, so if you see a Biadosaru, that'd be me! My code is 2755 6638 1113.
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Hi all, my phone is dying and struggling to run PoGo but feel free to add me :)
9610 3679 6325
Gotta stone them all!
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Joye McCaster


1364 7567 0757 is my friend code if anyone would like to add me.
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5380 8375 5395 is me! I hope ya can copy n paste!
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