Join us in Star Wars: The Old Republic and in Discord as we take on all challenges with fellow members of the Stonewall SW:TOR guilds on Thursday evenings starting at 6:00 pm US/Pacific.

Week 8 saw our heroes finishing their missions on Nar Shaddaa, For next week we'll be filling our canteens in preparation for a trip to Tatooine.

All Stonewall members are welcome, and no experience with Star War...
Star Wars Day Party!

Star Wars Day Party!


Join your Stonewall Gaming Network friends in Star Wars: The Old Republic this coming Sunday, to celebrate the upcoming May the 4th Star Wars day! Click the 'Read More' button below for details and event times of our amazing #SWTOR party!

Click 'READ MORE' for details
May the Fourth be with you, Stonewallers! In honor of Star Wars Day 2020, the Stonewall Alliance invites all Rebels to join us f...
Nick Swinford


  • October 29 2016
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TOR Tuesday

TOR Tuesday

Join us for the #runuptopride! On Tuesday, we'll be meeting up in #swtor! #pride2020
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