Chris Mello



June 12 2016
Hey Fleeties that maybe in the Orlando area are you okay?
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Iain Smith



June 12 2016
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Tsar Agus



June 12 2016
My DC AND LA Friends, PLEASE GO TO PRIDE TODAY! CELEBRATE! IF there's a pride celebration this month in your city, PLEASE GO! Orlando needs you to be brave. The world needs to see that we will not be terrorized. We are the community that birthed the GMHC, The HRC and Act Up. We are the community that gave the world, Alan Turing, the Man that won World War 2 by breaking Enigma. We are the Community of Harvey Milk, Eric Fanning Tamy Baldwin and Rachel Maddow. WE ARE NOT WEAK! WE ARE STRONG! SHOW IT! ‪#‎ACTUPFIGHTBACK‬!
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Iain Smith



June 13 2016
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June 13 2016
So sad, people out to have a good time ends like this. so many lives and families ruined.... stay strong Orlando.

Anyone in the UK see this clip from Sky News - the presenters just have not got a clue... it was a homophobic attack by a terrorist but they simply wont acknowledge that.. Well Done Owen Jones..


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Jamie O'Connell



June 14 2016
For all,

Do not let ourselves forget who we are or where we came from. Nor shall we forget all we have accomplished and that together we remain united and strong. Evil will always work to create fear, confusion, and distrust among ourselves and others. To divide and conquer is the way of evil because it hates us and even more it hates what we are... human beings.

This is why we come together not only to mourn our fallen, but to celebrate and stand tall. We show evil that we will not be succumbed or silenced. That when the dust settles we will always be and that we are not going anywhere. My deepest respects and sympathies to any and all affected by this event. Continue to show your PRIDE! At the end, I add my own song which I created to commemorate the dead in true Klingon fashion (Translated into English of course).

Below is a speech by General Chang, a character in the Star Trek universe, while instructing at the Klingon Academy. In it he discusses the Heart of Virtue, or teek googk, a weapon said to be favoured by Kahless the Unforgettable. I find this speech holds commonality to our own struggle in the LGBTQ community.

"Kahless used it as a symbol of his house, then of the Empire. Many say it has an unequal balance, but this is inaccurate each blade represents the three virtues of the true warrior.

Duty is the first. It is the beginning and the end of the warrior's path. Without duty a warrior becomes a slave of aimless glory and reckless self-interest. Polish this blade; sharpen it until there is nothing it cannot pierce.

The longest blade is that of Honour. It is the most difficult to master. Honour is my life, there in I will live and there in I will die. Truth, courage and forthrightness; Honour encompasses all, yet is more. The fire that illuminates the difference between an armed savage and the true warrior, and the light that will guide along the warrior's path.

All true warriors travel the same river of blood, as one is disgraced, all are disgraced, and as one finds his dept in glory, so do we all find glory. A warrior would not allow another to suffer unjust disgrace or begrudge him the fruits of a well-earned victory. That is why the final blade signifies Loyalty, as we are all bound by the common journey.

Know this and master all the heart of virtue, ignore it and ultimately fail yourself and fail your comrades."

"The Heart Within"

Sons and Daughters
The blood of battle washes clean
From many victories and glory earned
Through the night we sang and drank
Our songs so loud we made the Great Halls quake
We are warriors brave and true
Our lives burn short and bright

In shadow, a foulness entered our home
As a coward striking at our back
The blood was ankle deep
And our halls grew silent

Then a voice cried out
They will kill me, but they will not defeat me
The Klingon heart beats within us all
We die with honour and join the Black Fleet
Then another voice cries out to Sto-Vo-Kor
Beware, a Klingon warrior is about to arrive!

United by the bonding
Our fires burn brightly streaking the heavens
The battle has begun
Our Klingon hearts fused
We know fear no more

We are warriors brave and true
We travel the river of blood
Nothing can stop our blade
We raise our sword
And slew the evil dead!


~ General Ja'xme (Medgirl)
Daughter to the Great House of Nagh'reD (Stonewall)
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Luriel LoonShy



June 14 2016
...I have no words to say that can help.
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This is not enough, but, this has affected me, even as much of a shut in and desert rat I am, even being white, instead of latino decent, I am still affected, and I want to feel like we will all have a future where we can freely love, rather than fear for our lives because of our simply being ABLE to love.

Sorry for butting in, I know my opinion is not worth much, but... I have to say it somewhere.
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June 15 2016
I just wanted to say that even though I don't know many of you all that well, that I love each and every one of you and am grateful for the experiences we are able to share in this community. Thank you all for being part of my life.
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June 17 2016
For the past few months I sort of drifted from the community. I didn't go to last year's pride for no real reason. I suppose I always felt slightly apart as, as a bisexual man, I had more biphobia from the gay community than homophobia from straights (though that is in part due to the "invisibility" of it) and I always felt somewhat on the sidelines - despite volunteering for LGBT charities for most of my life.

I've never been taken aback by the news like what happened with Orlando. It wasn't just the initial shock, but what happened after. The denial and the half-statements from the people and leaders who stoked this hatred to begin with. They demonise and attack us through words and laws then give hollow condemnation of those who act on their oratory. Journalists trying to skirt the fact that this is a homophobic attack that is simply the logical extension of the regular bullying, harassment, beating and murder of us that happens every day, egged on by ignorant, populist and xenophobic talk of the very people who stood up and used this to point the finger of blame at a religion or make out this is a fringe lunatic. No. It is all connected. It is connected to you. The journalist, the politician, the wanker in the pub who shouts faggot at the tv when someone slightly camp is on. Even my mother who complains about how "not ever character has to be gay" when she sees a gay person on tv once in a blue moon - despite the fact I'm sitting right there. Bless her, she's rural.

And then came the fact it was, in a manner, one of our own. Should have guessed. How many of the great homophobes of history have been our own, corrupted by a society into hating themselves so they lash out at the rest of us. That is what I find most horrific about the society we're in. It doesn't even have to attack us directly. It just points our own against us and wait for the blood to flow. Which they don't want anywhere near them of course because we're dirty.

Some people think that marriage is the last step to equality. No. Laws are the first step. We have a cultural war to wage to society at large and to our own sisters and brothers brainwashed by hatred. If you ever think we don't need pride anymore because we're "equal", think back to Orlando. We have to lead by our rather fabulous example and raise the flag high. Because the last few years, and history as a whole, have shown we can't take our freedom for granted. The world is getting more dangerous, but we are here to stay.

Sorry for the rant... thanks to everyone who keeps the flag flying while some of us doubt.
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Ted Hembach



June 17 2016
Thval, you are totally right. I couldn't had said it better. I'm still shocked about the responses, the left-outs in the media and news, and the general ignorance. Here in germany its most of the time a "nightclub", nothing more. You were also right about my mother, she uses comments like the one you citated quite often in the last time. The one from her that shocked me most was her calling the raping of me done by my own cousin in my childhood being a "seduction".

I don't like the feeling of being sad and angry at the same time. My life is full of catastrophies, and it is getting worse. As long as I am alive I keep on fighting as I always do, no matter what will happen. Am I afraid or anxious? Yes for sure. Does that cut me down in any way? Definitely no.

Also I conclude with your thoughts about equality. And yes, our laws are fundamental. We have no real equality concerning race, gender, sex, age, heritage, origin or even wealth. There has much to be done by us all, to change our society into a one that is able to thrive without harming anything or being. At least there are jobs pending, orders we have to fullfill if we want to save our planet, for example. Jobs that could only be done if we do it all. Honestly, I have no hope for that, but hey, what else should I do?

Right now I am still a little catatonic. But the thoughts are wild. I renamed one of my ships. I was so touched by one of the destinies I was confronted with while understanding what has happened. The first male gay couple that was married in germany were employees in my company. I was witness of the whole planning and marriage, it was a historical moment, not only for me. I had to rename my beloved Vulcan Science Cruiser which had the name "Ko-ka-ashausu" (vulcan for lesbian). It now bears the name "GuerreroLeinonen", in rememberance of the two friends of Aikune who could't even enjoy their marriage.

My love has other ways to cope: all our toons now have rainbow coloured costumes. I love the idea of showing colour as sign of pride. If you have a uniform slot left please join this parade. Lets form the biggest rainbow the galaxy has encounterd so far! Love to you all and glad you are you and you are here.
Luriel LoonShy



June 12 2017
...one year later...


this is something I've come across that was made in honor of the... event.

but I do not guarantee that it is at all beneficial or pleasing to you, I dunno what offends LGBT+ anymore, sometimes my simple existence seems to offend.