The Ships of Stonewall 2023 yearbook!



The Ships of Stonewall 2023 yearbook!

2 weeks ago
It's that time of year again! 
Following on from our successful inaugural launch of our yearbook last year, we hereby invite you to get your holo-imager ready and snap your fabulous flagships and their captains into this year's SHIPS of STONEWALL 2023!


Did you get a new ship in 2023 and did your flagship change as a result? 
Overheard in Spacedock's Club 47: Commander, Starfleet Admiral Morrow said to Fleet Admiral Nick "Nick your Sovereign-class Stonewall is 20 years old, we feel her day is over."
We wonder whether Nick will change the USS Stonewall this year??? Find out in this year's SHIPS of STONEWALL yearbook which will showcase these, the flagships of our wonderful fleet of members as well as our extended armada buddies, and serve as our 2023 family album which we can all get to read over the holiday period. 

1. Take a good quality high-resolution image of your ship

2. Take a good quality high-resolution image of your captain &/or crew

3. State your captain's name & rank, and crew details too if applicable

4. Provide the following details :
  • Ship name
  • Ship class
  • Ship registry
  • Any special or defining features/characteristics
  • Current Fleet attached to (e.g. Deep Space Stonewall), or;
  • Current Armada Fleet, if applicable

5. Provide any Captain's Log excerpts (optional) - feel free to highlight the adventures of your ship and crew to tell the story of your 2023 and send in about 3 or 4 paragraphs. Some ideas to include:
  • Write a mini biography for your captain and crew, and/or a small except of your captain's logs of adventures throughout 2023. 
  • Did you get a newly commissioned flagship this year?
  • What is the reason, or backstory, for your ship's name?
  • What spatial anomalies did you encounter? 
  • Which species made your captain spill their coffee (or tea)?
  • With whom did you make first...or even second contacts? 
  • Where did you boldly pew pew? And; 
  • With what new upgraded gold-border MK XX mods? 

6. Send your submissions via
[Discord - PREFERRED] Direct message the above information and files to Calcyum via Discord
[SGN Forum thread] Reply to this thread - note that this route means your entry will be seen by others first, rather than upon publication in the book

In order to ensure that our team can include your submission in the yearbook, please submit your contributions by Friday 22nd December to help us meet our publication timeline to release by New Year's Eve. 

We hope that you join in our next yearbook and we look forward to seeing your contributions!

*image credit STPLAZMA

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