Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

Joshua Lee


Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

September 22 2020
Hello, one and all!

I had a quick search on the forum and couldn’t see an existing thread but if one exists just point me there and delete this topic!

I’m starting to play my Switch more (Animal Crossing:NH, Pokemon Sword, etc) and wasn’t sure who here had one.

My friend code is SW-1170-2788-2711 so feel free to add me. ☺️

Happy gaming!
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Gareth GXV3


Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

September 22 2020
mine is : SW-3758-2300-4517 

lets be serious friends!

Im not an avid Switcher..
I play Zelda BotW
Pokemon Shield
Pokemon Lets go
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Joey Holweger


Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

3 weeks ago
Friend requests sent!  Mine is SW-3119-7789-0782

I have Pokemon Lets Go, Animal Crossing, Star Wars Jedi Knight, Star Wars Jedi Academy, South Park The Fractured But Whole, and Skyrim
Tourma Rivers


Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

2 weeks ago
Well my Fried Code is:

Multiplayer-wise, I play:
Splatoon 2
Rouge Company
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