[Processed] new recruit here

Brian Klotz


new recruit here

March 12 2020
Hi Stan,

Welcome to the Stonewall Gaming Network (SGN), home of our various Stonewall related fleets within Star Trek Online, we are happy to have you with us! Please make sure to read our Info Center for critical information that will help you with commonly asked questions, assist you with troubleshooting, connect you with important contacts, and provide you with instructional guides for some of our technology.

To join our in-game events or chats
Some games may require interactive audio participation please make sure to read our instructions on how to download and setup Discord including our Etiquette Guide for Discord.

Before you begin interacting with any anyone within the SGN, you should read our definitive guide on Fleet Interactions.

The Rules
As with any community, please reserve some time to become familiar with our rules by reading our:
Code of Conduct
Community Guidelines
and Fleet Bank Rules

If you are playing STO on PC
To join our stonewallfeet public chat channel on Star Trek Online - PC, locate the Chat box, within the chat bar enter the following text:

/channel_join stonewallfleet

After you have joined (on PC), within the chat bar simply request an invite and someone should be able to help you.

If you are playing STO on a Console
Please make sure to visit the following Group page(s) for instructions on local in-game assistance:

Stonewall XB1 for Xbox One
Stonewall PS4 for PlayStation 4

After 14 days from the date that you created your introduction post, you will be promoted to the level of “Member”.  As a “Member” you will be able to purchase items from our guild/fleet stores.

If you have not done so, please make sure to that you provide your in-game Character Name and Cryptic @ Handle on here or directly to me so that we can update our records.

If you have any questions or concerns about our rules or any anything else please contact me or anyone else in leadership.

Have fun! :)

Fleet Captain

Department of Membership Management
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/P5bJdr

P.S. Please let me or another member of Stonewall Admiralty know if you're in-game and have not yet received an invite to your desired Fleet, just holler in chat!

For your reference, we have 4 Fleets:
  • Only your main Fed toon goes into Stonewall Fleet
  • Your Fed alts and Delta/Temporal/Gamma Recruits go into Deep Space Stonewall [DSS]
  • Your Fed-aligned Romulans (and additional alts) can go into Stonewall Legion
  • Your Klingon or KDF-aligned Romulan/Jem'Hadar go into House of Nagh'reD

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Dave (Voleron)


new recruit here

March 12 2020
Hi Stan!

Welcome to Stonewall Fleet and to the Stonewall Gaming Network as a whole!  We're happy to have you join us and hope that you'll find Stonewall to be the amazing online home for your Captain!  To get an in-game invite, just ask any online Fleet Captain or officer in Discord or in our in-game StonewallFleet chat channel.

We'd love for you to follow the Stonewall Gaming Network on social media through your choice of Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have great community content!  We'd also like to invite you to join our community group on Discord, Steam and Reddit, where you can both voice and text chat with your Stonewall friends while in any other game or on the road!  Click the icons below for quick links to each.

Finally, be sure to interact with us here in our forums, as it's where we post about our community events, share resources and have an opportunity to interact with one another outside of the games. 

Welcome once again and I'll see you around the galaxy!