LGBT+ positive things your comapny does?

Kieran Kiki


LGBT+ positive things your comapny does?

February 21 2020
Hi all,

I am looking for any and all suggestions for LGBT+ things (events, initiatives, campaigns, etc.) that you work hosts, gets involved with or even promotes that you like and are glad they do.

Or even if it is things you wish they did do more of or started doing.

I recently got the role of being able to organise events that fall under the "LGBT+" sector and I'm basically asking as many people as I can for ideas that I could try to implement in my workplace too.

Thank you all!
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LGBT+ positive things your comapny does?

February 24 2020
Well, my interpreting agency had an LGBT 101 sort of thing where they invited me and the few other openly LGBT interpreters to talk about our experiences so people could see that we're like... You know, normal people and to talk about some things we've had to deal with. I think most of our interpreters are immigrants, so that was also a primer for them as newish Canadians.

I know some places do those presentations where they enumerate all the different terms and concepts, but those are usually too much information at once and a lot of it falls on deaf ears. 

But to end on a positive note, our current head of interpreting services is actually an openly butch lesbian and she got promoted after the previous director retired :D
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