May'Qep - 7 July 2019

Lars Zandor


May'Qep - 7 July 2019

June 30 2019

QalaghneS, fellow warriors!

Kahless demands another May'Qep!
This Sunday, 7 July at 18.00 UTC/14.00 EDT, join your battle-siblings as the House of Nagh'reD marches on to fight with honour!

This time we aim our rifles at the Vaadwaur in the trenches of Kobali Prime!

And because the Stonewall Pride Weekend is the following week, everyone who uses a purple or pink weapon has a higher chance to be selected for the randomly given out SWC's!

As always, KDF-aligned Romulan and Jem'Hadar characters are welcome to join the May'Qep as well!

So come gather those Delta Marks, Ancient Power Cells, and Iconian Probe Datacores!

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May'Qep - 7 July 2019

July 01 2019
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