[Overwatch] PvE plays



[Overwatch] PvE plays

June 04 2019

Calling all Stonewallwatch members!

We'll be playing these PvE events on the following days:

Saturday, June 8Uprising
Sunday, June 9Retribution
Monday, June 10Storm Rising

All will count towards your weekly arcade loot boxes too!
This will be the last time the PvE stories will be available until the next Archives event in 2020.

Just make a call on the Stonewallwatch channel in Discord on the day and get a team grouped up!

Depending on the team experience, we could make some legendary level attempts, well, I'll just leave this quote here :)
"Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?" 
"Because it's there." - George Leigh Mallory

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Dave (Voleron)


[Overwatch] PvE plays

June 05 2019
Any times decided on yet?