How do I join?

Halish Medi


How do I join?

January 20 2019
Welcome to Stonewall Lancers, Proudly part of the Stonewall Gaming Network.

Once the game has launched and the guild has been created we will update this thread with details of how to join in-game across the platforms we end up rolling out on.

If you're not currently a member of our community or in any of our other guilds there is a couple of things to do to get ready.

1. Post a introduction thread in the Start Here section

This is just a simple introduction (it doesn't have to be long) giving us a little bit about who you are and why you want to be part of our community. If you're introduction is approved (and it's like 99.9% will be) you'll have 14 days before you will be promoted to a fully-fledged member. So getting this out of the way will only speed up your progress once we get our bodies into our javelins.

Click here to go to the Start Here section.

2. Join us on Discord

We use discord as our main form of out-of-game communication. So while you're waiting why not jump in and let us get to know you. You can be as active or as quite as you like. We won't bite.

Click here to find out how.
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