Hello from the other side

Scott Aetherarchon


Hello from the other side

February 04 2018

Where do I begin...

For those of you who don't know me my name is Frozenlilly or most know me as Scotty lol! I was once a fleet captain in multiple departments and finally founded the PS4 branch and dropped off the face of the planet! Most of you have seen I dropped off the Facebook radar as well... I'm engaged! Bought a two story country house in the middle of nowhere with a river and ocean view! And HR manager at a restaurant! With my experience from memberships I now keep track of basicly the same stuff as well as behind the scenes of our social media. I designed our logo (I didn't vector because I'm only good at online gaming nothing else tech wise :P ) Backwoods Burger. 

Now aside from commitments to time and my job I've discovered some things I needed to work on before coming back to the game... I discovered I have a gambling issue... lockboxes were REALLY hard on me where I spent a ton just to get a shipx3......... got help and doing better on that front. :) I took a couple losses really badly and found help in different mediums. 

So hello to everyone new! And I'm back guys and gals!! I'll do my best to keep in touch here and I'm back in PS4 again. Send me an invite Aetherarchon it'll be weird to be back in the fleet after dropping out of the public for so long haha but we all need a community and you guys have always been an extended family for me for accepting my pros, flaws, and quirks!

Scotty out!
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