[Canceled] Stonewall Vanguard's Snowday!

SWVG's Snowday

January 03 2017


With Guild Wars 2's Wintersday celebration coming to an end, the leadership of Stonewall Vanguard thought we'd dedicate a special day of fun and festivities. We'd love for you to join in #Snowday. We have a wonderful collection of events, starting at 11am EST.

Guild Banquette
11am EST

Join us in the Guild Hall for a casual meet and greet of the guild’s membership. We’ll be servings a collection of foods, drinks and other treats! Feel free to join us on TeamSpeak.

Costume PvP
12:00 pm EST

Dawn you favorite tonic and put your dukes up for some Costume Brawl! We’ll be paring up members to go toe to toe in structured PvP. There can only be one; will it be you? Wintersday tonics will be provided, but feel free to bring your own. Prizes awarded.

Dodge Snowball
1:30 pm EST

Pick up a snowball and do you best to take down your guildmates. Duck, dodge and jump out of the way if you can. The last one standings wins! Prizes awarded.

Jumping Race
2:00 pm EST

Get ready, set, and jump! One of our guildmates has created a jumping puzzle within our Guild Hall and we’re ready to show it off!! Guildmates will line up and race to the end. Prizes awarded.

Speed Infinirarium
2:30 pm EST

Are you the fastest gun in Tixx's Infinirarium? Think your team has what it takes to bring home the gold? Gather your finest compatriots to compete against other teams. Each team will be timed and the fastest to complete Tixx’s Infinirarium wins! Winning team receives 1 Gold each.

Winter Wardrobe Contest
4:00 pm EST

Show off your best Wintersday inspired costume! Deck yourself out in the finest attire in your wardrobe and come compete to win in this contest.  Use your clothes, armor, gear and even minis to put together the perfect ensemble. Prizes awarded.

WvW 101
6:00 pm EST

A gently and friendly intro to World vs World for new players. You don’t need the best gear or build to join in. We’re just here to have fun! We’ll be focusing on completing the WvW dailies. Don’t forget to set the Wintersday rewards track to earn some presents!

For the events that reward prizes, we'll be giving 3 Gold to First Place, 2 Gold to Second place and 1 Gold to Third Place.
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Unknown Person

Stonewall Vanguard's Snowday!

January 03 2017
Can't wait! #Snowday
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Whittier Strong


Stonewall Vanguard's Snowday!

January 05 2017
I'll be there if I can keep my time zones straight!