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February 22 2012

Professions (classes)

Guild Wars 2 has elemanted the holy trinty of Tank/DPS/Healer and has instead created a system where any players of any "class" can play with each other.Guild Wars 2 offers 8 different professions which each have a unique play style: Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Elementalist, Guardian, Thief, Engineer and Mesmer.You can read more about the professions here: think the Ranger will be a lot of fun as long as the pet mechanics are improved from what I have seen in other games. I'm also really interested in trying the Mesmer with its duplication spells :)

Which are you most interested in trying out?

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January 20 2011 Permalink
Awesome.. And yes I agree this song rocks!
Leon Keogh Hendricken
February 22 2011 Permalink
This is what a Dog and a cat sound like at the same time!.....Mooff....Mooff!!!
Yezar Gentak
February 22 2012 Permalink
I intend to play a necro, something about controlling the dead just makes my ego jump up a few. lol
February 22 2012 Permalink
In the original GW my first was a Ranger and I really liked to collect the pets, so guess I will continue that trend when GW2 comes out. Maybe Necromancer as well since I also like to raise dead things to do my bidding..

Does make me wonder though how many of the add-ons they released for GW will be store optionals on launch, such as the menagerie and crafting storage tabs.
February 23 2012 Permalink
I think I will be either an elementalist or mesmer I am a huge fan of playing utility classes and these both seem to right in that area.
Paul Biddle
February 24 2012 Permalink
I'm a little bummed that they didn't reincarnate monk as a melee class as I play monk in GW. I consider it fair trade for getting to play as an Asuran. Elementalist and Engineer are the two classes I am most interested in.