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July 26 2015

What's Your Bio?

Here is where you can write up your character bio and tell us all about yourself! Don't leave any juicy details out ;)

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Joshua (Zepari)
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Happy Birthday Dennis!
Unknown Person
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Happy Birthday!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY you most likely at this moment drunk bastard. :P
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Cal, a Trill from uh..Trill...who always spent far too much time playing Angry Vulcans on his PADD failed in the joining...looked down upon by the upper echelons of "complete" Trills, he decided to take his PADD to Starfleet instead, plus to try and earn more space miles to get that hallowed upgrade to premium economy.

He saw joining the Academy as an adventure! And there were trees to hide under and play and get to level 27 on AV. Temporal mechanics constantly hounded him though but Cal loved to shoot his phaser on the holorange at the coloured balls that float around. Pew pew pew!

That was when he realised his true calling. Pizza. Pizza was red you see, underneath all that thick coating of cheese and various slices of juicy, decadant salami. And so it was that Cal decided upon the tactiCAL stream. Also it included his name but what the hey, he might meet hunky boys from across the galaxy to compare phasers....
Joye McCaster
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Not perfect but a start to her life.

M’Freya peered at the console, weary with life and the months of warp travel returning to Earth. The old Oberth class starship S.S. Wotan sailed silently threw the stars, her decks void of life save for the sole Caitian Vulcan hybrid that rested slumped over the helm. The ship rigged for steady autonomous operation for the duration of the trip. The ship was M’Freyas home, the place of birth and the death of the caitians parents. Both scientists, her mother a Vulcan observer from the federation and her father the owner of the starship a civilian deep space exploration leader.
The Wotan was crewed sparsely; her mission set for twenty years in five year increments based from the federations furthest most colonies in the Beta Quadrant. In the seventeenth year of the mission tragedy befell the ship with an attack from colony raiders. The Wotan joined three other ships to battle the raiders, the older ship giving enough fight to make even the most confident of captains worry. In the years spanning the mission; the Wotan had received several updates purchased by her captain to better suit the region of space.
Her old type six phasers replaced with Xindi made plasma arrays, her torpedo compliment exhausted years prior; now fitted with clusters of missiles purchased from Ferangi traders. She was fighting well, but well could last only so long with the numbers they faced. By the battles end her crew was a third less. M’Freyas parents among those that lost their lives in the fray. The Wotan and other defending starships won the day; though at a high cost of lives.
It was a year before she would be ready to leave for Earth, passing her entrance exam for Star Fleet. The voyage would be long with the remainder of the ship’s crew departing slowly along the tip till the final member left a few weeks prior to arriving at Earth. The ship was a ghost of her former inviting self, the moments of laughter from the young M’Freya followed by the eventual puzzled scowl of her mother; before her father would chuckle softly from the captain’s chair. Moments like those flashed in her memory, drawing smiles and tears from the young caitian.
The computers voice broke her from the string of memories, her voice filling the void of the bridge.
“Approaching the Terran system.”
M’Freya shifted sitting upright at the helm, her slender fingers moving over the old ships controls dropping her down to warp one. Transferring helm and most other bridge controls to the captain’s chair, she hesitated for a long moment before finally taking the seat. Since the day she lost her family she had gone to great lengths to avoid that chair. Now it was time for her past, her family and the ghost of that day to remain behind her in space. The Wotan was her chip, she was the Captain by all rights and soon she would be an officer in Starfleet. Her hand moved over a set of controls in the chairs armrest a soft chirp from the system acknowledging her.

“Starfleet control this is the S.S. Wotan civilian Science and Exploration vessel. I am requesting permission to dock.” Silence lingered for a moment before a youthful man’s voice came over the com.
“Wotan you are cleared for approach vector 005 civilian docking bay two of Starbase 1… Welcome back.”
The channel closed and within the hour the Wotan was safely moored in the massive starbase. M’Freya departed the ship her single bag of possession slung over a shoulder, and a second bag of data pads clutched at her side. She stood outside the docking doors for her ship, setting one bag down she patched herself into the ships computer giving the order to power down all systems. Unsure she would be returning to the ship, or if this was goodbye M’Freya looked behind her once before entering the lift leaving the docking bay. The lift shot her quickly stopping as needed for personnel to come and go, eventually she arrived at the cluster of command decks. Navigating the maze of corridors and offices she found Captain Millians office.
Millian was the last contact officer assigned to the Wotan before she departed for Earth. He had been waiting to hear word of the ships arrival, though in the last year much of the communication between the ship and his office was lacking. He was on the other hand the man that sponsored M’Freya’s entrance into Starfleet. She strolled into the office standing still for a long moment before the bemused human stood coming around his desk and embraced the young Caitian.

“My dear, it’s good to finally meet you in person mi girl. I was starting to think something happened along the way here.” Stepping back from her gauging the surprised and then neutral face of M’Freya, resting his hands on the front of his desk.
“And you sir, I just finished docking the Wotan in the lower docking bays, and I have brought you all of her reports, logs, and final mission assessment. I am looking forward to star
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Perfect Bios!! :D Keep them comming guys :)
Whittier Strong
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T'Nel was born in New Samarkand, Alpha Centauri III, to biologists Vral and T'Lyr in 2360. As a youngster, she constantly asked questions, more so than typical for a Vulcan child. In particular, she struggled to understand the humans who made up the majority of her family's friends and acquaintances. In adolescence, T'Nel attended a Vulcan high school, from which she graduated with highest honors. Upon graduation, she moved on to the Vulcan Science Academy, where she obtained degrees in exobiology, exobotany, and exophysiology.

Towards the end of her time on Vulcan, she shared living quarters with a promising young Betazoid physicist named Taxalwa Kor. While visiting her homeworld, Kor unwittingly contracted an extremely rare case of early-onset Zanthi fever. T'Nel thus experienced Kor's wide-ranging emotions, a deeply troubling experience until Kor's illness was diagnosed and cured. The experience left T'Nel wanting to pursue a career in psychology, to better understand and treat the "emotional mind." Once she completed her studies at the Academy, T'Nel enrolled in the psychology program at the University of Johannesburg on Earth.

One of T'Nel's professors, Dr. Peter Wozniak, thought that her unique background would make her well suited to a career in Starfleet. He urged his student to transfer from the university to Starfleet Academy. T'Nel deemed this a logical step for her career.

T'Nel has just completed her studies, magna cum laude, at Starfleet and is about to take on the assignment of ship's counselor.