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August 23 2015

Episode Directory

This is the list of episodes and seasons that we will have as a crew. :) There will be a list of key points that will be posted with each of the episodes. This will also help any member who joins later or takes a brake catch up with the rest of us :D

Season 1

Pilot: Be Still the Night - Introduction of the crew and the beginning of the season's plot.

Episode 1: Not Till Tuesday

Episode 2: N/A

Episode 3: N/A

Episode 4: N/A

Episode 5: Character Developement Day

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Pilot: Be Still the Night

We start this episode off in the Fleet Spire. From there we introduce who we are and what we are doing on the ship. Then after some chatting we go to the ship for a tour of the place and we get to know the majority of it.

Episode 1: Not Till Tuesday

We begin in ESD announcing a promotion of Lt. Rayne to Lt.Com. Rayne and his appointment to USS Phantom as 1st Officer. We get an inspection from Admiral Parker and then he invites Doctor Clavik, R'Mess, Eurrsk, and Captain Tetrius to the USS Phantom for some dinner. By their surprise there was an incident involving a mysterious intruder who attacks Admiral Parker and leaves the 4 visiting crew members to help solve a mystery and defend against a Herald attack! When the Admiral wakes up you find out it was all a test to see what the crew of the new USS Cloudnyne would do in an emergency situation.