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June 11 2015

Stonewall RolePlay

Welcome to the Stonewall Role Players section. Weather you are just joining the game and brand new to role playing or you are a seasoned role player you should find this very good news. We are re-booting our weekly role playing event. This section as well as our group,Stonewall Role Players will have all the information you need to know who is who, when we will be holding it, and the story.Who: These are the people who will be coordinating the weekly event.Admiral ParkerFleet Captain FrozenlilyWhen: Please vote on pollStory: The first day of our event we will be in the Acadamy. You will be a cadet serving some time on a training mission but things might not go as planned...There will be weekly episodes and seasons. It will by powered by the decisions you make. Your character can fall in love, can get promoted and can die. If your character dies you become a new character, so don't worry Roster: This roster will change as the story goes on, you may request a transfer (which will always be approved :D), you may get a promotion from the amount of time you've showed up or from how the story plays out. This will also be posted on the group.Admiral: ParkerCaptain: Frozenlily1st Officer: Niko2nd Officer:3rd Officer:Head of Medical: kiddkasperHead of Science: BrenHead of Engineering: alex284Head of Operations:Head of Tactical:Head of Security: calxHelm: EllaminCounselor: SiranNataan 2nd EllaminCommunications / Yeoman: KBakerRed Shirt: calxKlingon Captain:Romulan Commander: bullocaj 2nd: KBakerI hope to see you all there! please join the group to keep up to date on when the first day will be and to put in some awesome ideas you guys have.

  • Last Comment by Frozenlily
i want to be red shirt 24 at station gamma on deck 14!

Granted Cal. Your first away mission is coming up :)

You can be our recurring redshirt ;D we'll think of wonderful and different ways lol

yes!!! prepare your pain sticks! make my death mean pancakes!

How exciting! I'm glad to see you guys are bringing RP back. I'd love to join but I'm not sure about my availability so would depend on when it will be held.

You can be recurring special guest star role Bren :D Like Q!

we have not had a deffinate date yet. probably a sunday evening or saturday evening but we will iron the time out soon :) what spot would you like in the mean time Bren :D

I think Bren would look good in sexy science, he's so clever it overloads my tricorder

Haha sure, put me down for Science :)

Yay :D I'll put you down for Science head :D