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Dave (Voleron)


October 18 2019

Costume Contest Categories!


The Horrifying Halloween Costume Contest is one of the most popular of Stonewall's annual Fright Night events in Star Trek Online, and we've outlined this year's categories below, so you can head to the tailor and get working on your creations!  Remember, the back-story to your creation is nearly as important as the costume itself.  Be prepared to tell your story to the Judge, complete with whatever weapons, abilities and special effects you think will help you seal the deal!  We'll also give you time to swap toons between each category!

Gangster Costume

Imagine yourself the leader of a gang... whether it be from your toon's homeworld, past or present.  Dress the role and come with a great back-story on how your toon's gangster lifestyle came to be!

Super Queer-O

Create your most original Super Queer-O or Super Queer Villain in this amazing category!  As with all the categories, be sure to create a back-story for your character!  The explanation behind your own personal hero or villain might be what helps you to steal the show!  Will your creation have been born with amazing powers that they use to save the galaxy... or will they be a little less noble in the application of their abilities?

Best Gender Swap / Gender Fluid Character

We want to see you take a well known cartoon character, video game character, or any other personality that you can think of and swap out their gender.  Think Beauty & the Beast or the Little Mermaid role reversal or something even more fluid and interesting!  Have fun with this category and re-imagine some of the most famous characters that we've come to love and adore!

Best Horror Movie, Game or Series Character

We want to see your best re-creation from a horror movie, series or game!  Think outside of the box - you don't necessarily need to go with the villain!  Survivors or victims also count!

Most Inappropriate Costume

We want you to have fun with this category and show us your most inappropriate character creations!  Like all categories, a good back story to share with the Judge will likely be key in why your wretched creation is worthy of the crown for this category!