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What are Stonewall Credits (SWC)?

Stonewall Credits are SGN's participation currency. They're specific to SGN and shared amoung all of our guilds and games.

What is the Stonewall Credit Store?

The Stonewall Credit Store is the main resouce for spending Stonewall Credits. It's frequently re-stocked with the latest and greatest items in Star Trek Online and a collection of Steam games for all to enjoy. You can view the Store at credits.stonewallfleet.com.

How do I earn Stonewall Credits?

You can earn SWCs by particpating in or winning events held throughout the SGN. Check out Events for current or upcoming events that may reward SWCs.

How do I spend Stonewall Credits?

To spend your Stonewall Credits, take a look at the Credits Store. Pick out what you'd like and submit an order on the SWC Order Form. Be sure that you have enough Credits to cover your items before submitting your order!