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Gareth GXV3


February 28 2021
Donation Drive 2021 recap

It’s time to bring to an end SGNs donation drive!
As I mentioned in the main post of this event, a donation drive hasnt been done for about 6 years when Voleron was the guy in charge of the communities prize vault. He left it stocked up nicely to last us this long.
So as time went on we were steadily depleting our stockpile. But with the generous donations of others like Robin, Tlara, Joey, Kiki, Chi, Coolclonk, Callumjw, Seannewboy, Chipz, Lars, Georgiedawg, knightchucky plus more.. Were on hand to keep stock up since we launched the Stonewall Credit store a few years ago.
(Past few years Donators can be found here: )
A HUGE Thank you to them is necessary.

So to bring SGNs donation drive to an end I would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed toward this donation drive… All the donations will help us for the next few years to keep this the best community ever!

From an STO point of view having our own store where you get to pick your own prizes just by showing up to fleet events is unique and with your help we are keeping it alive.
Away from STO we are always thinking up ideas for our non STO players, like introducing Steam games and redbubble vouchers.
So we would love to encourage TOR, DBD, Valhiem etc players to potentially host mini-events for the groups they play in, so they can give out stonewall credits too!

We also want to take a moment to thank the discord nitro boosters we had prior to the donation drive.. So thank you:..
Chi, Zander_Hawk, ArgyrosFtero, Ras, unluckystrike, Margali, FenrixWulf, Trick, Ashe Odinson, Miles Teg, WildChicago, Jona the Explora, MrsTrick.

The Meat & Potatoes:

If you’ve not been keeping track of the Thank you cards Ive been posting in our discord, I will give a run-down of what’s been donated during this #DonationDrive below.

We have gained 19,254,000,000 ec (19+ billion EC) worth of prizes!!

374 - Lockbox keys
11 - Experimental ship upgrade tokens
8 - T6 ship Zen store vouchers
500 million energy credit contributions
3 - Zhat Vash vanity shields
1 - Tzenk vanity shield
1 - Ba’ul vanity shield
Special Requisition Pack - Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Discovery Flight Deck Carrier Tier 6 Ship
Special Requisition Pack - Maquis Raider [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Jem'Hadar Recon Ship [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Kelvin Timeline Intel Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Miradorn Theta Class Heavy Raider [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Tzenkethi Rhas'bej Battlecruiser [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Maquis Raider [T6]
Special Requisition Pack - Voth Bastille Temporal Science Vessel [T6]

Non STO items
$140 Paypal donations toward SGN site costs & maintenance growth
12 extra Discord Nitro boosters (getting us to a top-level server)
2 Dead by Daylight (steam games)
Skyrim (steam game)
No Mans Sky (steam game)
Cyberpunk 2077 (GoG game)
Assassins Creed: unity (game)

All donated by:
Tedhembach, Insainefuture79, Trick, Miles Teg, Jona the Explora, JoystickJoshy, kiki, Kevin (Robertjaneway), Knightchucky, Smearcampain, Onikuma, Legion (georgiadawg83). Balduranne (Anna), VietHai, Jimmyjoe1a (jim), Peetah (peter/Halish), Lars, Stplazma (Eddie), Laceyrand, NeoGabi, Dutch2010, Grahamburger, auki (kiantet), Dunro (Duncan), Klaus /Thoron, chemistryset nikolunas, Kevin Chipz, Nicholasjohn16, BeaSSt, Domin8orify, joogoo (Julien), Voleron, Perseus75 (Chris), Ereiid (Sej), yaris (Cal) , Zoxesyr, gxv3 (Gareth), Captainarmada, Eurrsk (Volrov the viking), Gr_vity (Ben milmar)

A HUGE thank you on behalf of the leadership and the SGN community!!

It has been hard times for everyone this year and not all of us have the methods available to help contribute toward this drive, but in your own way you are contributing to this community, by hanging out in our discord server making it a safe and friendly haven to all, and attending events to help boost the communities fun.
Donations big or small really do help.. And you can help out at any time just reach out to me!

#DonationDrive 2021 is now closed!!

Going forward, the above items will be added to the #SWCstore in the next few weeks, in the spirit of transparency they will be introduced slowly as Ive got to source thumbnails for the items and spreading the availability will make sure these lovely items dont get all claimed in one week.

Thank you to Cal who has been busy making the downloadable personised plaques over this month, and to Joey for helping make a baseline to launch the drive with the bulk of his own donations.
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Thank you all for such an amazing show of generosity!

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Joshua Lee
Well done Resources Dept and well done all the lovely donators! Such awesome generosity around here!

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