Among Us Monday

Among Us Monday's Notes

Marty Rosenstraus


October 26 2020
Hey guys I have learned of a new Among Us Mode called Hide and Seek.

1. Imposter must make themself known.
2. Imposter cannot sabotage anything but Comms.
3. Imposter cannot vent.
4. Crewmates has high vision.
5. Imposter has low vision.
6. Crewmates must find and complete 4 tasks, 2 short and 2 long.
7. No Reporting Dead Bodies.
8. No Emergency Meetings.
9. Dead Crewmates cannot speak.
10. Living Crewmates can speak and yell out last known location of Imposter.
11. Kill Cooldown is 10s.
12. Only 1 Imposter.

It is a lot of fun if you guys wanna try it.
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