Elite: Stonewall

Elite: Stonewall's Notes

Matt Rix


June 07 2020
With the huge announcement of the Odyssey expansion which will allow us to finally leave the cockpit and walk around, I'm hoping we can get a more active Elite: Stonewall community going.

To that end, we have officially launched the in-game squadron simply titled "Stonewall" so feel free to search and join! You'll see my commander, Juzel Rix, as the Admiral to know it's the right one.

Happy hunting, safe flying, and let's stretch those legs in 2021!
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Eric Lidiak
June 12 2020 Permalink
Thanks! I'm Logicmage3 in game.
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April 04 2021 Permalink
oh! i haven't played elite in a ages..i saw a stream of it and it looks so different, like scanning and mining. i've only ever played in solo mode, so i don't know how people "friend" each other or..for that matter what my name is. i guess when i'm the only being in a universe it's hard to remember my name :-D i'll go take a look
April 04 2021 Permalink
hi i think my elite dangerous name is "tony the pony" :-D
wow, it's been ages. i don't know anything about this odyssey thing. we can walk around? in the station? i hope it's not an alien horror genre where monsters hide in air ducts in the station...
John Kominetz
April 05 2021 Permalink
Glad to see Stonewall interest in Elite. I've been playing it much more than STO since the pandemic started. I'm camenecius there, and I'm in a BGS squadron (The Order of Mobius) associated with the Mobius PVE private servers [ ]. It has an active Discord and can be pretty helpful regardless of squadron.

Right now I'm out in Hawkins Gap taking a meandering route home after visiting the abandoned sites. There are some organic structures in this region that I want to see before returning to the core worlds for Odyssey.

Will there be an Elite channel in the Stonewall Discord soon?
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