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May 30 2019
Hi there! Could I get an invite to the guild please? Username is TomOBedlam.8509
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Hi there back! For some odd reason I appear to have been set up for receiving messages for the GW2 guild. I originally tried to join the guild however did not get a response and so forgot about it. The site may have defaulted to my contact information because I was the first person that came along that appeared to be active? At any rate, I have no way to assist. I went back to EQ2 though so if you happen to play, I have a level 73 guild (lol mainly me these days) Cheers!
@TomOBedlam I've sent you an invite in-game. Open the Guilds UI to accept and represent!

@Ahrz, sorry we missed your request! It must've slipped by without someone seeing it. If you're still interested, I can send you an invite if you provide your GW2 User ID. You received the message because of your notification settings for this group.
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Awesome, thank you, Nicholas