Elite: Stonewall

Elite: Stonewall's Notes

Matt Rix


July 18 2017
o7 Greetings CMDRs!

I'm CMDR Juzel Rix and I'll be serving as the coordinator for this little adventure in the SGN. Right now we'll be taking commanders from all platforms; PS4, Xbox, Mac, and PC.

One of the biggest complaints and most frequent thing I always hear is how hard it is to get started in Elite: Dangerous, and how difficult it is to figure everything out. With such an expansive and open-world game it's not surprising that, just like the real world, you don't always know what to do next.

Because of this, I'd love to hear from some of you about your favorite tips and tricks to help others get started! I'll be adding my own and hopefully we can make this the go-to for anyone new!
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- The Galaxy Map can be your greatest asset! Play around with the various filters on the right-most tab to sort by government (great for finding anarchy systems to bounty hunt in!), allegiance (great for earning Imperial and Federal reputation), status, and more.

- If you plot a route in the galaxy map you'll potentially see two lines; the solid orange one shows you where you can get on your current fuel tank, and the dotted one shows where you'll run out of fuel. You'll need to pack a fuel scoop, or be prepared to find a station to refuel!

- Each type of module has its own perks and downsides. D-rated modules are the lightest, but lack strength, B-rated are the heaviest, but the second-best you can buy, and A-rated are the best all-around.

- Have an enemy knock out your FSD/sensors/thrusters? Check your right panel under 'functions' and reboot and repair! You're guaranteed to bring those three back online!

- Don't be afraid to 'board hop'! FDev (Frontier Developers) don't consider this an exploit and suggest using it. If you don't see any missions at a station you want, just pop to the main menu and switch to Open Play/Solo Play to refresh your mission board. You don't have to stay once you accept a mission; you can easily hop back to Solo to complete anything you have accepted.

- Power planet not have enough juice to deploy weapons? Try prioritizing your cargo hatch and FSD to 2 or 3! You can't engage a jump with them deployed anyway, and this is a great way to save energy when they're not in use.

Eric Lidiak
I would even say never make a fit without a fuel scoop. Then filter the galaxy map to only show O be a fine girl/guy kiss me (OBAFGKM) stars. And set apply to route. It's not the most fuel efficient, but then you can't run out of gas, since every hop is between stars you can scoop. For the real astronauts, the order is important. It's in decreasing order of temperature, and thus easier to scoop at K and M stars.