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July 12 2017
Sweet! My computer doesn't seem to be having as hard of a time with Star Trek Online like it was. Did nothing but load the game... I don't get it, guess it's a good thing lol Now I wish I never would have stopped paying the $29.99 for three months back when I got the deal, UGH!! Now I gotta figure out what to do with the almost 9000 zen I've saved and never touched lol for now I have to be off, see you.

PC Info:
Admiral Tactical Officer Level 60
U.S.S. Moonfang
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oh cool!! you got it working on PC too!!
you want us to send you out an invite to the PC fleet?
Im sure there area few things you can buy with that. maybe wait for a zen store sale to pop up.

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I'd love that after I get nice and chilled. Been out ALL morning and it's hotter than the lava caves of Boreth here lol