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Steve Roberts


March 30 2017
[PODCAST] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 257: 'Changes' has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from:

Lot of Star Trek news to go through again in this week's episode… we talk about Comcis, Conventions (0:27:04), Star Trek Timelines (0:28:25), Unofficial Productions (0:47:17), Star Trek Online PC news (1:37:49), Star Trek Online Console news (3:45:31), Community Feedback (4:01:21) and more!

Community Questions:
1. What do you think about the space changes in Star Trek Online that we've seen so far on the Tribble server and discussed in this episode?
2. What new features would like to have introduced into Star Trek Timelines version 1.8 that's due out soon?

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