Viridian Green


  • May 06 2018

Writing Contest: Past histories

The little girl looked up at her mother’s sombre chequered uniform and began rubbing her eyes. Mother was wearing her going-away-clothes. But her mother was unmoved.
“Don’t cry, Vinara. It is unbecoming! I will be back sooner than you think.”
Four-year-old Vinara knew what was expected of her. Obediently, she wiped her cheeks and attempted a clumsy Romulan salute, fist to shoulder. Her ...
Gareth GXV3


  • April 22 2018

Writing Contest: Tales out of Time

The Joining Of Life : Act II - The Time To Strike

One of the disadvantages of being in starfleet, especially being in command is the privilege of debating "what if's" in your mind, when a decision arrives it must be carried out, it would have been the right course of action at the time, there is to be no second guessing when your in command of a vessel full of crew trusting your every word.



  • April 15 2018

Writing Contest: Tales out of Time

“Stardate 8731-,” the voice paused unsure of himself. It cracked slightly before continuing, “0.6, Second Officers Log. Today is more difficult as the last. I think I’m getting used to saying that. With the reports of more losses and minor victories, getting out of my bed has become a full time job in itself.” 
The Catian starred at the ceiling before slowly sitting up. He continued...
Eurrsk Ruk


  • May 03 2018

Writing Contest: Tales out of Time

Dude, Where’s My Sehlat?

written by Eurrsk Ruk

           “Science Officer’s Log: Stardate 95343.895… I’ll just easily put it as May 6, 2418. Just got home to Vulcan after our month-long journey through the Arucanis Arm, a deep space exploration mission assigned by Admiral Grall, onboard the V.S.S T’Gren, a Vulcan D’kyr class science vessel named after my great grandfather. The...
Cai Weaver


  • April 21 2018

Writing Contest: Tales out of Time

"K'Gan, Red Alert! Give me visuals, Now! I need to see what we are up against" Kai barked as he exited the turbolift.

As the sensor readings started to make sense, K’Gan realised what was happening: “Captain, I’m reading over three hundred ships, on an intercept course for Deep Space Nine. This can’t be right, the ships signatures, they are Hur’q! This can only be an invasion, we must engage!”...
Patrick Aka Trick


  • April 12 2018

Countdown to Hell or Something

Beavis: Hey, Butt-Head. What is a black hole? 
Butt-Head: So like, a black hole is like, this giant bunghole in outer space. It's like, it sucks up the whole universe, and then it's like, it grinds it up and sends it all to Hell or something.

— Beavis and Butt-Head, 20th Century Philosophers

“Warning: The Calixtus will cross the event horizon in 3 minutes.”

The voice of t...