How to Setup Teamspeak

Teamspeak Deprecated Stonewall Gaming Network has decided to migrate away from Teamspeak and adopt Discord as our primpary VOIP solution. Please view How to Join Discord for instructions on how to join the SGN Discord server. Teamspeak will be completely removed on November 24, 2017.

TeamSpeak is a Voice over IP solution utilized my many MMO guilds, including the Stonewall Gaming Network.  Using TeamSpeak is very important when conducting difficult mission that require a strong teamwork and good communication.  For those reasons, it's highly recommended that you have TeamSpeak installed and ready to use. If you don't have a microphone, that's fine, you can still listen in to other people.

As well, TeamSpeak allows you to chit-chat and get to know your other member of the community better than in text alone.  Read below to learn how to setup TeamSpeak for the first time. You're not required to talk, but we're sure that after getting comfortable, you'll love hanging out in there too!

To begin, you need to download the Teamspeak Client. Go ahead and download it now and install the application on your computer

Upon running TeamSpeak after installation, the Setup Wizard will allow you to setup and customize options including:

  1. Choosing Your Nickname (display name - can be changed later)
  2. Microphone Settings
  3. Test Your Microphone
  4. Useful Key Bindings
  5. Select Sound Pack
Note TeamSpeak's default microphone setting is for Voice Activation Detection. In step 2 of the Setup Wizard, users may select Push-To-Talk and choose a push-to-talk key. We highly recommend that you do so.

Once setup, do the following:

1. Click Connections from the top navigation bar. Then click Connect.

2. This will bring up the connection details pane.

3. Enter the following into the appropriate fields:

Members Only! Only members can view the connection details. Please login to the website to view this information.
Important Use a name that'll make you easily identifiable like your SGN username or game-wide handle. This makes it much easier for people to easily recognize you. Don't use a character name as they changed to often.

4. When you're ready, click Connect.

5. Once your connected, you can bookmark the server settings by clicked Bookmarks, then clicking Add to Bookmarks.

Add to Bookmarks

This will bring up the Bookmarks window which you can just click OK to close.