Stonewall PS4 (PlayStation 4)

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Lee Turnell

Lee Turnell

March 02 2017
Hi everyone. I hope you're all OK?

I'm not sure if I', posting this to the right place, apologies if I have.

Would love to join your fleet.

I'm 33, from a little town in South Wales, in the UK. I'm a graphic designer and love all things nerdy.

In terms of game play, I'm a Trill Starfleet Tactical Officer, and I'm also a fleet admiral with a T-5U Odyssey Tactical Cruiser.

I'm currently woking on building up my reputation with the PvE actions. Would love to find some great, friendly people to play with. Playing with randoms is OK but everything is better with friends. LOL

Used to play on Mac until they removed the Mac support.

Playing on PS4.

Gamer tag @Romma_Oba
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Jason Millard
Jason Millard
March 02 2017 Permalink
heya, Welcome to the Fleet!